After Getting Married, Kang Gary Mysteriously Disappeared from the World

Kang Gary is the new mysterious celebrity of 2017 that captured the attention of the world, whether you’re his fan or not.

It’s true that people always say marriage changes a man but you’ve got to admit his changes is too fast, too furious.

Especially when you look at the entire situation.

Sudden Marriage Announcement in Apr 2017 With No One Expecting It

He got married in April without anyone knowing. Not even his Running Man family or close friends in showbiz who had to find out from the news.

Allegedly Cut Off All Contacts with Running Man Cast

Image: YouTube (Xuan)

In a fan meet in Malaysia, it was revealed that Gary has changed his phone number. It was also revealed that he hasn’t been in contact with the Running Man cast for two months.

Image: YouTube (Xuan)

Even their congratulatory messages to Gary on his marriage went unresponded.

Deleted All Posts From Instagram, Stopped All Activities & Promotions

And now, this. He deleted all posts from his Instagram with 3.1m followers.


As you can see from the image above, his Instagram account which has 3.1m followers had no posts. 

He had also not made any public appearances since his wedding announcement.

Fan Managed to Spot and Take Picture With Gary

But before you get too worried, a fan allegedly found this elusive star and took a picture with him on 16 May 2017.

Guess where’s he’s at now? 

Hawaii! Or to be more exact, she found him at Pok’aī Bay Beach Park in Waianae, Hawaii


It was also said that he happily obliged her request to take a picture together.

While we might never know what drove this Korean superstar to vanish from the face of the earth, at least we can now rest easy knowing that he’s living happily together with his wife on an island in the Pacific ocean. Or that he once went there for a holiday.


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