Girls’ Generation is Losing 3 Members. Here’s What You Should Know

Twice is all the rage now, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Yet it’s not all about their visuals; their incredible vocal talents and upbeat performances are arguably in a league of their own as well.

So yeah, I can kind of get why guys are absolutely going gaga over them now.

But back in my time, another group was dominating every male’s lovelorn heart.

Girl’s Generation.

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Man, those were the days. While I was never a really big fan of them, I did appreciate their music: it was uplifting and cheerful, and plus there were 9 cute girls looking back at you.

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Sorry, couldn’t help it.

But I guess even these K-Pop Queens are unable to survive the cruel winds of time.

For it might be all over.

According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, three Girls’ Generation members have decided not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment.


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Sooyoung’s reportedly planning to focus on her acting career, under her new agency. She has appeared in three productions so far, Polyclinic Doctor, Man Who Sets The Table and Someone You Might Know.


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Like Sooyoung, Seohyun has decided to focus on the acting aspect. She has had a number of roles under her belt, including a significant one in Bad Thief, Good Thief. And seeing how she has a great theatre background, I think we can expect to see a lot of her on the small screen in the near future.


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Tiffany, who’s reputable for her strong command in English (and so would be the only girl whom you can converse with well, I’d have guessed), has plans to leave South Korea for acting.

According to an insider, “Tiffany decided to study abroad in the U.S.A and told her friends so. She wanted to study acting, and her friends also supported her decision.”

In fact, she might have already arrived in the United States for the studies.

This means that the already reduced eight-member group, would be further toned down, to five. In 2014, Jessica had left the group.

Nobody saw this coming

The eight-member group recently released a full-length album in August, to mark 10 years since their debut.

According to AsiaOne, Girls’ Generation is one of South Korea’s most prominent acts. They rose to fame in 2009 with their hit song Gee, which has since become an iconic K-pop track. The group had nine members then, before Jessica Jung left in 2014. 

Fans were livid about it

Look; I’m not stereotyping K-Pop fans here, but I’ve always thought that they were more on the… passionate side.

I don’t even have to look far either; my sister would literally kill me if I so much as scratch Jungkook’s face on her bedroom poster.

So yeah, I kinda expected it: fans didn’t really take well to the news.

A netizen, claiming to be a SONE (an ardent supporter of Girl’s Generation), shared a screenshot of a group chat with 84 other SONEs.

Image: allkpop

When translated, the messages read: “I’m so angry”, “Seriously”, “I can’t stand this.”

One of them even ripped up Taeyeon’s solo album and uploaded the photo online.

It’s funny how you can be on the receiving end even when you’re not the one leaving.

Another one ripped up a group album and literally broke the CD.

Image: allkpop

And this, folks, is why I always preach: fans are a scary bunch.

Thankfully, it seems that some fans have kept their sanity.

“They’re not true fans…”, “What is wrong with them? If they’re really a fan then they should be cheering them on no matter what”, “They’re only wasting their CDs.”

What does it mean for the future?

According to Yonhap, the remaining members, Taeyeon, YoonA, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sunny have all renewed their contracts.

SM Entertainment has also released a statement.

“Girls’ Generation is a very precious and significant group to S.M. and its fans. We’re not thinking about dismantling the group.”

“However, since there are members whose contracts have expired, we’ll decide carefully after consulting with all members regarding the future path of the team.”

So yes, it seems that Girl’s Generation could yet pull through this latest crisis.

And it’s certainly possible, seeing how five-member boy group TVXQ split into two groups of three and two years ago, and are still relevant in the industry.

But ultimately, it would be up to the rest of the female members.

Nevertheless, we here at Goody Feed wish all of them the best in their respective careers, regardless of which path they choose to take.

After all, once a Sone, forever a Sone!


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