Groom & Brothers Forced to Drink Large Moving Worms and Raw Eggs

They say that before you can marry a woman, you got to prove your love for her. 

How? By doing things you usually won’t do for anyone else. And what better time to prove it than in front of her parents and sisters, right?

Previously we’ve written about how a groom and his brothers had to bury their faces into a pile of worms in a gatecrashing game. But wait, there’s something that topped even that. When we were browsing through Facebook, we came across this gatecrashing game that we just had to share. 

Large Moving Worms with Raw Eggs

Facebook user Quella Kong uploaded two videos and a photo of a stomach-churning gatecrash game on 6 Jan 2017.

And before you think it’s only large dead worms floating in a glass of liquid, watch the video below. The truth is much more gut-wrenching than you think. 

In the video, you can hear the sisters asking all the men to drink. At least the men were told they don’t have to eat the worms. #SilverLinings

The MVP Of The Day

Of course, with such a game, there’ll be a hero at the end of the day. The bearded fellow gamely picked up the glass of concoction with his mouth before finishing off the entire glass in two swallows.

No matter whether he’s the groom or not, he has effectively stolen the limelight with his stunt on film. At least on the internet. 

Mixed Reactions from the Internet

Reactions from the internet this time was pretty mixed. While some purely loved it and tagged their friends for the scare factor, there are others who find it offensive.

And of course, there are defenders who come up and told naysayers that it’s not their wedding, so they shouldn’t comment. 

Translation: There’s really a bunch of useless people, it’s other people’s wedding, what does it have to do with you? Is it because you’re PMS-inf and you’re afraid you’ll be #ForeverAlone so you comment in hopes that you’ll become popular?

Unfortunately, it kind of backfired when another Facebook user replied with a comment that’s just so #savage. Best comment of the year, btw.

Translation: This shit is a little over. Don’t come and tell me about how other people’s marriage isn’t my problem. If you can’t take comments from people, then don’t release the video to the public.

Ohh, that burns. Ding-ding-ding, K.O! Guys, how far will you go for the love of your life?

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**All images from Quella Kong Facebook page

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