Guy Who Proposed in M’sia Airport Went Viral & It Became Bad News for All Guys

My personal philosophy in life is pretty simple: “It’s the thought that counts.”

In fact, I would apply that theory to essentially everything in my life, including festive occasions and my loved ones’ birthdays (although they looked kinda ticked off for some unknown reason at times).

And the future’s no different too; I’ve already had my marriage proposal all figured out. When it’s time, I will kneel down on one knee, take out a small red box and smile at my hyperventilating girlfriend. Slowly, she will open it to reveal…

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However, that particular personal philosophy… is in real danger of collapsing.

Why? Because there are guys out with the exact opposite philosophy:

Gotta spoil market till song song bom pee pee.

And this guy best exemplifies the case.

Escorted away by security guards in front of his girlfriend, he returned dressed smartly like a pilot, complete with a bouquet of flowers and a ring.

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What happened?

Cheung Chan Choon, 30, and his girlfriend Yew Kar Yee, 20, were at the Sultan Azlan Shah airport, waiting to fly off to Singapore for the Christmas holidays when auxiliary police took Cheung away, alleging that his bag “contained illegal items”.

Naturally, Yew was real worried, having to be consoled by her older sister while waiting for “investigations” to be completed.

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But things soon took a sharp turn, when 30-year-old Cheung came back, not in handcuffs, but a bouquet of flowers, a ring and a whole mini-procession.

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Surrounded by a band of performers and videographers commissioned to assist in making the event special, Cheung then got down on one knee.

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“You’ve been with me through my ups and downs. Even when things were at their hardest, you never gave up on me.

“You are the one for me. Will you marry me?” he asked using a microphone.

After Yew nodded and said yes, the crowd broke into applause.

The sweet couple then shared a warm hug.

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It’s been in the works for months

Cheung had reportedly been planning the proposal since June.

“A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I wanted it to be one that she would never forget.

“I found out that no one had ever proposed at this airport before. This was it,” he said.

To make the game-plan work, Cheung had Yew’s older sister jio both of them for a short Christmas getaway to Singapore.

“I needed her help so that she could calm Kar Yee down while waiting for me to dress up after being ‘taken away’.

“The events company I hired for the plan had connections with the auxiliary police here, so it managed to rope them in as part of the act,” he said, adding that the Singapore trip was merely a ruse to get Yew to the airport.

On Yew’s side, she said she was apprehensive and scared when Cheung was taken at the start.

“I didn’t know what was happening. My hands were shaking the whole time,” she said, to which Cheung also replied: “So were mine.”

“When I saw him coming up to me with people singing around him, I asked him why he was dressed up like that.

“I’m so happy now. This just shows that he’s really special in many ways to me,” Yew said.


Cheung’s elaborately planned marriage proposal involved roughly 30 people, and cost about RM10,000.

Not exactly dirt cheap, by any means.

But it seems that it has all worked in his favour.

When asked whether he was worried about rejection, Cheung admitted that the thought had crossed his mind.

“But I decided that there was no use in being worried. I had to do what I could.

“And it was worth it. I want her to have an unforgettable memory to cherish for the rest of her life,” said Cheung, adding that they “planned to tie the knot in a year’s time”.


While the intention behind the entire event is certainly positive, Netizens were quick to point out certain “flaws”.

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How about you? What do you think?

Was the guy being real romantic, or was he just being, as a Netizen said, a “dic*head”?

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