So, What Has Happened to MSN Messenger Now?

A trip down memory lane, anyone?

It’s been nearly 4 years since MSN messenger officially shut down. For many of you who grew up with the internet (that’s most of us who are still young enough to be considered cool), you grew up with MSN messenger as well.

Who could forget the most convenient way to chat with your friends, before the deluge of instant messaging and social media apps on smartphones? Back in the day, there was no WhatsApp, no Facebook Messenger, no Snapchat, no Telegram… I could go on for a while.

Do you remember, MSN Messenger ended because Microsoft acquired Skype? Back when MSN Messenger was announced to be discontinued, an upgrade to Skype was offered. Not a lot of people remember the transition, but basically everyone remembered the death of MSN Messenger.

Is it really dead, though? Did you know you could still access MSN Messenger right now? In 2017? Whaaaaaat? Yeah, I know, right?

But not through official apps, however, because any attempt on the app will forcefully have you ‘update’ to Skype. Many enthusiastic and nostalgic fans of MSN Messenger have taken it upon themselves to create third-party apps to recreate the MSN Messenger experience, complete with everything you used to love or hate, like the incessant nudges, or the annoying full-screen stickers.


I can already sense your confusion. These apps must be simply Skype skins, or something like that. Actually, Skype is currently based on the same protocols as the old MSN Messenger, so creating a bypass for the oldie but goldie could enable you to relive the golden days of dial-up connections and chatrooms.

I could do without the dial-up connections, actually (I’m sorry fibre connection my baby, I didn’t mean that).

Take a look at Messenger Reviver, last updated this year, February.


The revival community seems rather active, even now. People have been helping test the apps for issues, and others have also been monitoring the status of the relevant servers and functionalities. Unfortunately, as of now, group chats have gone offline, for reasons unknown.

Which then prompted the creator of the Reviver to think up a workaround.

I applaud your tenacity, friend. It remains to be seen how long this effort can last, though.

BRB, I now have to go download this and nudge some (all) of my friends.

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