Here’s a List of Android Secret Codes That Could Wipe out Your Entire Phone

Ever wanted to feel like a hacker, but can’t be bothered to spend the time to learn how to do computer code? With these simple codes, you too can pretend to be one of those sunglasses-wearing, keyboard-shredding cool hacker dudes, just instead of a computer, you’re doing stuff on your Android smartphone.

Of course, these codes don’t actually hack anything, and have basically nothing to do with computer codes. They are just commands for some diagnosis and testing functions in your phone.

We have, of course, tried some of these to check their credibility. Just type these into your phone’s dialer. You don’t even need to press ‘call’.

Before you go ahead and start punching all the codes in all willy-nilly, please pay attention to the functions first. For example, the second and third codes factory resets/wipes your phone completely.


On the bright side, someone in our office now has what’s basically a brand new phone.

Let me bring your attention to what’s maybe the most useful of the lot: the testing menu code. It’s the first one on the list, *#*#4636#*#*.

That gives you access to an otherwise inaccessible menu with options to see details about your phone, test the WiFi connection, and check uptimes. Quite useful, although the phone details section may require root access.


Oh yeah, make sure to say “I’m in” in the most serious tone you can when you use the codes, to maximise the cool factor.

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