Android Users Can Know Where Their Lost Phone is & Delete All Data Remotely

Last Updated on 2022-09-23 , 9:50 am

In this day and age, your phone is your life. Losing your phone is like losing your life especially when we have tons of sensitive details in our phones ranging from credit card numbers, personal details and occasionally, recorded bedroom activities.

Do you find yourself relating to what we said above? Then you got to know this secret URL. We only knew about this because one writer in our office lost his phone and found it again, thanks to this.

Google Find My Device

Remember this app? If you had activated this app on your Android phone before, you’ll be able to control your phone remotely from another phone.

Given how scary hackers of today are, you’re worried about your personal data leaking out into the public, especially if you have ahem, dirty secrets you don’t want others to know.

With Google Find My Device (previously known as Android Device Manager), you’re able to erase your data, change the password and lock your phone up tight. Provided you’ve activated the app lah.

But what if you haven’t? Don’t worry because all is not lost.

The Secret URL

Even if you have not activated the Google Find My Device , did you know that you still have the ability to control your phone remotely?

Simply log in to the Google account that’s tied to your missing phone here and you’ll be able to track the location of your Android phone, make it ring at full volume for 5 minutes (even if it’s on silent mode), and perform lock and erase remotely.

Of course, the catch is your mobile data and Google location services must be switched on.

Then again, with us needing to Grab everywhere, your Google location services should be on. And no one in their right mind would turn off their mobile data.

So there you go, no matter whether you’ve misplaced your phone or forgot where you left it, you’re able to find out in a matter of seconds and decide if you’re going to erase all data and leave it for dead or attempt to track it down.

Boyfriends, just don’t misuse this and stalk your girlfriend, okay?