This Hilarious Video That Shows You How to Use the Toilet Properly is Perfect for T.G.I.F

If you’re a frequent goer of public toilets, you’ll wish that someone taught the guy before you on how to use the toilet properly.

The scars of Public Toilets


From a huge pile of turd staring at you from the toilet bowl, the seat or sometimes, even the floor to the droplets of pee splattered around the seat.

And the only thing you can do is to grab a wad of toilet paper and attempt to make it cleaner before use because the other stalls are occupied by permanent residents.

A New “Toilet Paper” Rolled Out at Narita International Airport

The video was created by NTT Docomo, a mobile service provider in Japan. The express purpose of the video was to introduce a new type of ‘toilet paper’ installed at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to wipe the screen of your mobile phone.


The service provider rolled out (pun intended) this new paper in response to studies which showed that there are 5x more germs on the screen of your smartphone. 

Think about it, you don’t wipe down your phone and your hands which are typically the dirtiest part of your body constant touches it.

Bacteria are guaranteed to be left on your phone and fester.

Hilarious Video that Has a Name for Everything

Who knew there’s a science to using the toilet? Whether you sit or squat, wipe your butt a certain way, it’s all explained in the video with very catchy names. 

Check out the video yourself and share it with a friend you think needs it!

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