These Horrifying Images of How 44 Workers Lived Together in a Geylang Flat Will Make You Cry

You’re already complaining about how HDB flats are getting smaller and smaller, for a family of four.

How about squeezing 44 men into a 1,300 sq ft (~approx. 120 sq metres) apartment? That’s about the size of a five-room HDB flat.

And before you say anything, this is based on a true happening right here in Singapore. 

On 11 July 2017, Channel News Asia reported that officers from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) raided an illegal dormitory in Geylang together with a team from the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC).

And the images from the raid are truly horrifying.

MOM Officers Raided Illegal Dorm With MWC 

Cramp and Tight Living Space 

Thin wooden boards are used to create 7 rooms to house 44 workers in a four-bedroom apartment.

The narrow corridor and cramp rooms pose serious fire hazards and crowding issues for the occupants.

The flat shows signs of cockroach and bugs infestation.

No Space To Hang Laundry

There wasn’t space for the men to hang their laundry to dry, so they drape their wet clothes over any available space.

There is a kitchen for common use but the men cooked in their own rooms

Imagine trying to cook lunch. By the time it’s your turn, it could be dinner time.

There are only 2 toilets in the house

And there’s never enough amenities.

The men did not dare to inform the authorities about this as they’re afraid of backlash from their employers.

It was only when the MWC received a call on their hotline that they came to know about this illegal dormitory. 

The workers’ employers have since been told to relocate them to properly appointed and approved housing immediately.

In addition, the MWC is urging all foreign workers who are living in similar conditions to call them on their hotline at +65 6536 2692.

And the worker’s identity will be kept secret, they promise.


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**All images from Migrant Workers’ Centre Facebook Page

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