Hotels in M’sia Start Charging RM10 Tourism Tax To Foreigners Including S’poreans

Travel to Malaysia often? This should not come as surprising as it was first reported in Channel NewsAsia some time in July.

The tax, which was previously announced to be executed on 1 August, was initially announced at a rate of between RM2 to RM20 per night depending on the type of accommodation.

At least it’s now at a flat rate.

5,000 hotels around Malaysia have already started this implementation for foreigners from 1 September, according to Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) President Sam Cheah Swee Hee.

Here’s what you need to know.

Local tourists and permanent residents are exempted from this tax.
This flat rate of RM10 (S$3.20) per night per room only applies to foreign tourists. And yes, we Singaporeans are considered tourists, even if you go there every weekend or you’ve got relatives there.


Too bad lor, what else can I say?

All hotels and lodging operators are encouraged to register for the tourism tax.
By hook or by crook, hoteliers will be required to submit their collection to the Customs and Excise Department by the end of September.

In other words, cannot siam.

The newly introduced Tourism Tax rate will be displayed separately from the room rates.
Essentially, what you see is not what you get. Because need to pay extra now.

VIP? No exemption.
No lah, they didn’t say that. But what Malaysian Association of Hotels (Sarawak Chapter) Honorary Secretary-General, John Teo Peng Yew, means is that there is “no exemption for long stay, complimentary stay such as timeshare or loyalty programme”.

What are your thoughts? In all honesty, RM10 is about S$3.20 and it doesn’t sound that bad right?

Just buy one less chewing gum and you’re good to go.


Sigh, I wonder if KSL has started with the tax collection.

And here’s one projection: less people are going to stay in while they’re in Malaysia, and that means more jams.


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