How to Restore Deleted Photos from an Android Phone Within Minutes

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When we are looking through our photos in our phone, sometimes we will accidentally press some buttons and delete away photos that we actually want.

Or worst, you could have just deleted all images of your girlfriend when she demanded for a breakup, only to realize later that she’s just saying out of anger (and she might just break up with you knowing that you’ve deleted all images, you poor guy).

But if you’re using an Android phone, do you know that you can easily restore your deleted phones?

Restore Image

In comes the wonder app named Restore Image (Super Easy), which can save both your deleted images and your relationship.

And yes, unfortunately, this app is only available for Android users, so you iPhone fanboys and fangirls might want to rethink about getting an Android phone.

You will not have to root your device for the sake of installing this app: it works like a normal app.

And the best part about this app is that it’s totally free of charge; you won’t have to spend money going to an Ah Beng shop trying to ask them to help you to restore your lost images (and only for them to see images that you didn’t want them to see)

Things to take note

Although Restore Image (Very Easy) is able to recover your deleted photos, there are still a few things to take note of.

  1. If you have a tendency to delete/clear away your files/photos inside your phone very regularly, it might not be able to recover photos that you accidentally deleted.
  2. Recovered images will not be the same size as the original image: it will be slightly smaller. Still better than nothing, eh?
  3. Restore Image (Very Easy) does not 100% guarantee you that it will recover deleted images from your phone. Nothing in this world is 100%, so don’t gong gong test it out by deleting images that you absolutely need


  • First step and the most important step is to download and install the Restore Image app into your phone from the Play Store.
  • Open Restore Image once it’s installed on your device, and a “How To Use” tutorial will pop up. You just have to click on “Close”.
  • You might have a huge database of deleted photos in your phone, and that might cause the app to crash due to searching through many photos. There is a “If the app crash” setting for you to select, and from there, you are able to decrease the number of display and degrade an image quality which is displayed on the app.
  • Step 4: Select the images that you want to restore, and once you are done, simply click on Restore images.
  • Step 5: When you are done with step 4, the images that you chose to restore will appear in the Restore Image folder, and now you got back the images that you accidentally deleted!

Why Can this Work?

You might want to read this article, but here’s the basics behind it: whatever images (or anything in general) you’ve deleted aren’t wiped off from the surface of earth; they’re just shelved in one area, waiting for other things to overwrite them.

If they’ve not been overwritten, they’re just being saved somewhere else, and not removed. Just think of a rubbish bin: when you “throw away” photographs, they stay in the rubbish bin until someone picked if up.

The app works by going into the rubbish bin to retrieve your image…if they haven’t been taken away. Yeah, it’s doing the dirty work for you.

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