Illegally Parked Car Blocked Traffic so Taxi Taught Him an Expensive Lesson

Here’s yet another video has surfaced that has been picked up by local news media site Stomp.

This time, the video footage shows a TransCab taxi driver driving straight into another car when the car’s owner refused to budge from his parking spot (which happened to be illegal by the way).

Image: stomp

Uploaded by Stomper Daryl, the video shows two men getting into a heated debate over the car owner’s parking spot.

The owner of the car was about to shift his vehicle when they got into a heated argument again.

When the car owner decided that he wasn’t going to shift his vehicle for the taxi, he thought he’ll inconvenience the taxi driver longer. Maybe to “teach him a lesson”.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened.

In a move worthy of GTA V, the taxi driver got into his vehicle bulldozed his way out.

image: stomp

He revved up his engine and drove his taxi into the side of the car.

Bystanders were heard cheering for the taxi driver while the car owner could only kick the taxi’s door in anger.

image: stomp

Then, he watched helplessly as the taxi drove away.

Where and where the incident happened is still unclear.

From what I can see in the video, both were at fault. The car owner’s parking area was so obviously situated in an obstructive spot, and the taxi driver’s rage was warranted.

However, that doesn’t justify the taxi driver’s actions; he was quite rightly angry, but that doesn’t give him the right to just go and ram another vehicle. What is this, bumper cars?

Act like proper men and settle it, not get in your vehicle and just squirm your way out.

What’s your take?

You can watch the full video below:

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