This Instagram Account Takes Hawker Centre Food & Make Them Look Like Michelin-Star Food

If I ask you to pay $20 for a chicken rice dish that you could get for $4 elsewhere, what would you do?

A normal person would have screamed at me, “You siao ah?”

But wait till you see this.


Image: KidPub

And that’s not even the only one. @dabaogram created not one, but many more of these masterpieces, all using basic hawker fare as the base.

From Char Kuay Teow…

Image: dabaogram Instagram

To roasted pork belly skin…

Image: dabaogram Instagram

To old fare Roti Prata…

To Ngoh Hiang. Like wow.

Image: dabaogram Instagram page

And economical sushi. Which part of this looks economical?!

Image: dabaogram Instagram

Who’s behind it?

Dabaogram was created by a quartet – Daren, Josh, Brian and a mystery chef known only as Vanesse.

They specialise in ‘dabaoing’ normal hawker centre fare like Chicken Rice and Roti Prata. Then, they turn them into something even Gordon Ramsay will approve. Visual wise anyway.

Visual wise anyway.

Image: Giphy

Pretty sure the taste is still at hawker centre level.

The team crafts every dish carefully, rearranges it in a way that gets your palate wet and then photographs it.

That’s how we get all the images and videos that get the Foodie in you to have a practical orgasm.

Image: 9Gag


Honestly? If you served me a dish with that level of intricacy and visual, I would have been fooled. Like totally.

Guess that’s why you really cannot judge a book by its cover, huh?

Actually, what if fancy restaurants are using the same ploy?

Image: imgflip

Just kidding. Or am I? *smirks*

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Feature Image: dabaogram (Instagram)

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