iPhone X Allegedly Has Higher Profit Margin Than iPhone 8

According to the analysis from the Apple mothership, iPhone X is going to help the company make more money from each phone sold compared to its fellow mate, the iPhone 8.

Here’s the kicker – despite the fact that the iPhone X costs the company 25% more in the cost of its parts compared to the iPhone 8, it is retailing at a cost that is significantly more.

We’re talking about a higher retail rate between the two by 43 per cent.

TechInsights, a company who takes tech devices apart and does an analysis on its internals, said that the iPhone X costs USD$357.50 to be made, and yet is being sold at a price tag of USD$999.

As far as the price of the iPhone 8 is concerned, it is being sold for USD$699 and comes with a gross margin rate of 59 percent, which is definitely lower than the iPhone X’s 64 per cent.

This is definitely an amusing fact, if you think about the way tech items increase in value as time passes and also how their part pricing drops at the same token.

As for us here, we are mostly still shocked by the fact that there’s such a huge profit margin for each iPhone sold.

Of course, we completely understand the cost of a phone isn’t just about its raw materials: a bulk of it goes to many other business costs, like R&D, marketing, supply chain and whatnot.

Fun Facts About the iPhones

The iPhone 8 runs on its pre-existing LCD tech, while the elevated iPhone uses a Super AMOLED system, one which delivers better colour quality. Oh, and the iPhone X is much, much thinner.

As far as screen space goes, the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch display, while the iPhone 8 comes with a 4.7-inch one. Depends on you lor, whether you want a bigger screen or you prefer a more dainty one lor.

Image: Mac Rumors

The stainless steel exterior of the iPhone X makes it less likely to get get bent compared to the former iPhone series too, and to be frank, we hope it works.

So, which phone will you choose, and how much of your money you want to sacrifice for the smartphone?

There’s one pulling factor that make Apple phones count – its brand name and the fact that it was the brainchild of a legend- Steve Jobs.

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