Jealous Husband Sulked & Refused to Speak to Wife for 20 Years Cuz She Didn’t Pay Enough Attention to Him

It is normal when couples bear each other in silence after a quarrel. However, it is definitely not common for this silence to last over 20 years.

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Otou Katayama did not engage in any conversation with his wife Yumi for 20 years, despite having 3 children together. Even though he talks to his 3 children normally, he rarely speaks to Yumi. Over the years, Yumi has tried to make conversations with him but all she has ever received was a nod or a grunt.

Their 3 children have never seen their parents engage in a conversation and never knew the reason behind it. As Katayama was going to retire soon, his 18-year-old son Yoshiki feared that their awkward relationship might end up in a divorce after his retirement.

Finding it strange and painful, he wrote in to a popular TV show in Japan, describing his parents’ relationship with each other and asking for help.

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Through the TV show, the crew arranged a meeting for Katayama and Yumi at the park where they had their first date while their children stood aside and watched them.

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As they broke the silence, Katayama said

“Yumi… Up till now, you have endured a lot of hardship. I want you to know I’m grateful for everything.”

Their daughters who were watching got emotional and cried, listening to their parents’ first ever conversation.

He further revealed he feels that his wife has been spending too much time on her children. He feels jealous and hence, is sulking on it. 

Although studies and research have shown that men can feel neglected when a child enters their marriage, it is really uncommon for a man to be sulking and not talking to his wife for twenty years.

But really, 20 years without speaking?! Someone, please give this guy a medal for his level of endurance. Even I can’t last that long without talking to my boyfriend when he pisses me off. 

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