Jesseca Liu, Who is 38 But Look 18, Is Set to Marry Jeremy Chen

This is the biggest news to hit showbiz this year after veteran actress Jin Yinji claimed Mediacorp insulted her in negotiation talks for contract renewal.

Jessica Liu (you know, the one that doesn’t look her age?) is getting married this year to Jeremy Chan, a Singaporean actor, singer and host this year!

Guess how old is she? 38! Don’t look like it, right? And her very lucky soon-to-be-hubby is 36 this year.

Show this article to your mum if she objects to your relationship because the girl is older. 

Ma, if even public figures can do it hor, so can I.


Rumours about the couple started as early as February 2016. They were spotted shopping together at the Chinese New Year Bazaar at Chinatown.

They chose to only announce their relationship last year July because they felt it would be less stressful for them. 

The couple said they have been talking about marriage and applying for a house together.

On a separate note, if the both of them go for HDB, they might just be your neighbours eh! #OneCanAlwaysDream

Jessica Liu & Jeremy Chan Always Planned on Getting Married This Year


She revealed this during an interview with on her upcoming drama, Mind Matters.

She also shared that they’ve planned to have the wedding this year. They started dating with marriage in mind. Jeremy actually proposed two years ago shortly after they started dating. To top it off, their wedding bands were also purchased two years ago.

She Wants to Hold a Beachside Wedding


When asked about her wedding plans, Jessica replied that she wanted it to be low-profile and held at the beachside.

“I hope for our relatives to enjoy it so we don’t plan to have many tables. I hope to keep it small, comfortable and stress-free.”

They will be holding their wedding in Langkawi, Malaysia where she grew up at the beach. 

The couple is still deciding if they will be holding a celebration in Singapore.

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