Do You Know The 50 YO ChuanDo Plays a Santa Claus in This Ad ?

Can you feel the Christmas spirit?

The lights, sales and the deluge of rain pretty much sum up our Christmas experience in The Lion City.

What else reminds you of Christmas?

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

Roasted turkey.

How about the ageless heartthrob, ChuanDo?

Yes, I am talking about this hunk that graced our local media earlier this year.

Image: Instagram (@chuando_chuandoandfrey)

So what does he have to do with Christmas?

Take look at this video by Resorts World at Sentosa:

Michelle Chong and Chuan Do reconnect at Chrstimas, Part 2

Did you manage to figure out who Chuan Do was? Watch the reveal video below. Come visit Santa and his elves at Universal Studios Singapore this Christmas!Special giveaway time! Tell us 3 highlights from Universal Studios Singapore this December. Visit for clues. Remember to Like and Share with your friends and family. Contest ends 18 Dec. Good luck!

Posted by Resorts World at Sentosa on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

It starts out with local actress/comedian Michelle Chong (known for her multiple personas such as Leticia and Barbarella) opening the door to be only greeted by ChuanDo.

Like you would see in any rom-com movies, ChuanDo is seen holding cue cards, trying to convey an elusive message to her.

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At first, it is a series of humblebrags…

Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook
Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook
Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook
Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

Then he continues by telling her to leave her boyfriend and starts comparing her boyfriend to himself…

Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook
Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

He then transforms himself into Santa Claus!

Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

After the big reveal, he walks away and Michelle Chong runs after him to steal a kiss.

Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

Yes, it does sound like a climax of a rom-com movie, with a fairy that resembles Tinkerbell closing the scene.

Image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

No, ChuanDo isn’t really Santa Claus, he is just part of a promo that features USS’s seasonal activities that will only happen during this period (1 Dec – 1 Jan 2018).

There will be a slew of Christmas activities at the USS such as Santa’s Workshop, where you get to meet him (and I highly doubt that will be ChuanDo); Oscar from Sesame Street will be belting out festive tunes and there will be acrobats performing stunts when night falls.

But hey, who knows? You might catch ChuanDo. No promises.

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Featured image: Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook

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