Lee Dong Wook Speaks Singlish & Also Thinks That S’pore Flats Are Expensive

So, last Saturday, a grim reaper came to Singapore. And unlike any grim reaper, people went crazy over in the airport to catch a glimpse of him, because it’s not just any grim reaper: It’s Lee Dong Wook.

Now, if you’ve no idea what I’m writing about, then you can safely move on to the next article.

If you’re still screaming like a fangirl now, here’s something that might interest you.


I have the privilege of getting up close with Lee Dong Wook thanks to Oh!K TV (the channel that brought Goblin to Singapore) by attending his fan meet. And guess what?

He revealed something that you might not know. Now, to make you jealous, here’re some things that he told his fans that day you probably didn’t know of.

He doesn’t like to take picture

When he first appeared, the first thing that came to me was this: What’s he wearing? It looks like some waiter’s uniform, but then I realize something: from that day onwards, that is going to be fashionable.

In other words, he’s an influencer #justsaying

But here’s the thing: he reveals that he doesn’t like taking photos. Quite a shocker, considering how many photos he has taken so far.

 He loves Singapore

And what does he like about Singapore? Not the food, nor the weather, but the enthusiastic fans. And I can vouch for you that the fans are indeed enthusiastic . So enthu, I think I’ve ruptured my eardrums that day.

He thinks that housing in Singapore is expensive

Well, who doesn’t?

When the host joked about building a house here for him in Singapore, he immediately shook his head and said, “Expensive.”

When a superstar like him also agrees that the floor we’re stepping on now is expensive, I think anyone who owns an HDB flat should now feel rich.

He can sing. Well.

After hearing Song Jihyo sing multiple times in Running Man, I thought the line between actors and singers is thick—you can either sing well or can act well. There is no grey.

However, our favourite grim reaper can sing. Well. And that makes many girls cry. Hear for yourself.

Now, here’s something I’ve also come across. It’s in his official Instagram account, and he has decided to post an image of himself in front of…an ERP.

Maybe he also thinks driving here is expensive. Which, well, is.

But you’re here to see him speak Singlish, isn’t it? Here’s something for you.

If you’re still fangirling, no worries: you can catch him in Hotel King on Sundays in Oh!K (StarHub TV Channel 816 and Singtel Channels 525 (Mandarin) & 611 (Malay)), at 2:00p.m. from 23 April 2017 onwards.

You’re welcome.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Instagram (leedongwook_official)