Man Blasted Elderly for Playing Pokemon Go But Gets Cursed by Netizens Instead

That’s what happens when you can’t keep your comments to yourself.

Over the past week, Pokemon Go has been the talk of the town. The news of Pokemon Go’s release took Singapore by storm, with hordes of Singaporeans now gathering at most prime Pokestops with their heads hovering over the Niantic game. The older generation, too, has also chipped in to see what the fun is all about.

However, things did not go as planned for Facebook User Tan Pei Shi‘s mother who attempted to play the game.

My parents were at Bishan Park yesterday night, minding their own business, catching Pokemons as they go. It was hard to get my mom started over games, because she felt that this was a “young people thing”.

She was shy the previous days when we were out hunting, concerned over how people viewed her. Stepping our from comfort zone itself was a huge feat achieved.

And then came this bugger who couldn’t keep his comments to himself.

There’s this obnoxious person, around 20s as described by my parents, passing a judgemental remark as they walked past them, saying “SO OLD ALREADY STILL PLAYING!” My dad looked at them, while my mom doesn’t, pretending that she didn’t hear it.


The mother was greatly affected by the comment.

My mom doesn’t even want to go to the park now, for fear that someone else would judge again.

Tan, infuriated by the comment, sought to give a stern warning to the man.

Think about it. How would you feel when you are excited about something and someone just comes along and pours a bucket of cold water over you? Do you want this to happen to your parents?

To that narrow minded scumbag that said that, I hope you read this, and think about how your thoughtless words hurt someone’s feelings. Are you happy now? If you’re human enough, I hope you are struck by at least a tinge of guilt, ruining someone’s day. You are a piece of shit, and I think before you poison the community please learn some basic manners first before being released to the wild.

To all the other players, if you see older players around, give them a chance. Please don’t put them down and say nasty stuff like this brainless trainer. They are learning something new, and they could do with some encouragement

Thankfully, this incident also garnered quite a kampong spirit among netizens and many Pokemon Masters have since spoken up in support of Tan’s mother.


Because older people have a better sense of direction. 



Even her mom wants to be the very best. So can yours. 

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To the man who dished the comment, here’s something from a fellow Pokemon Go player – Shame on you.

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