National Day Sale of Up to 59% off on Coke, Branded Watch & Many Others!

Remember SG50, when every business in Singapore leveraged on the celebration and had promotions for their brands? And every business gave like 1% off their products because they just wanted to jump on the bandwagon?

It’s now SG52, and while we still see business jumping on the bandwagon of NS50, it’s not as widespread as the SG50 period.

Now, what if I tell you that there’s a crazy promotion for SG52, and it’s not a 1% discount on their products, but a whopping 59% discount?

In comes our BFF Shopee, who decided that regardless of whether it’s SG1, SG50, SG52 or SG100, celebrations should always be tagged with discounts, because #SingaporeansLoveSale

In this National Day Flash Deals, expect deals that would make you feel patriotic, not because they’re selling Singapore flags or key chains, but because they’re so damn cheap, you as a Singaporean (or a person living in Singapore) just can’t resist #SoSingapore.

If you’re a Shopee old bird, you should be familiar with the banner that appears on the top of the app—you know, that banner you go daily just to find deals to buy those extra bottles of shampoo even when you’ve had a few hundred bottles at home, because it’s just such a good deal.

However, this is different: it’s a flash deal, so the promotion will be in the middle of the app instead, with clear indications of how long the promotion last and how many products are left.

And just so you know, the crazy National Day Promotion will start on 3 August 2017, from exactly 00:00 (12 midnight) to 23:59. It will go on for exactly 24 hours, though I’m quite certain that many products will be sold out fast, so you’d better camp in your app before the flash deals begin.

If you’re new to Shopee (wait, where have you been?), you can download the app here (Android or iOS).

For new users, you can get $7 off your first $15 purchase with this promo code: HAPPY52xGF

However, if you’re a Shopee old bird (i.e. current user), they haven’t forgotten about you: simply use HAPPY52xGF3 to get $3 off with a minimum spend of $20 (valid until 4 August 2017). In other words, you’re going to save like…a lot!

What are the items that would make you stay up late on 2 August 2017? Here are some of them.

Coca Cola (24 cans) at 55% Off

Quantity: 300

Original Price: $11.50
Discounted Price: $5.20

Do I seriously need to introduce this to you? No? If so, maybe I’ll be your calculator because I’m sure you’re reaching for a calculator now: each can would be at $0.22. Now, that’s what a real cheap sugar rush means.

And by the way, do you know that Coke Light is for the ladies and Coke Zero is for the men? Bet you didn’t know that. But anyways, this promotion is for the normal Coke, so it’s for you ladies and men.

SK-II Change Destiny Welcome Set at 53% Off

Quantity: 40

Original Price: $110.00
Discounted Price: $52.00

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about SK-II, because there’s a big word of “Integrity” being plastered in the office wall everywhere. So all I can say is this: my colleague, a female, went all crazy when she knew about this. She said that SK-II is a great brand and that Pitera is an amazzzzzzzzzing ingredient.

She then asked me if we could get it for free from Shopee, and when I said no, she went on to download Shopee only to realize that she had the app (due to one of our previous campaigns with Shopee).

By the way, she didn’t download the Goody Feed app even when she’s a full-time staff here.

So all I can say is that the price of $52 is really a steal. And you’ve one competitor who might be taking leave from Goody Feed on 3 August 2017.

WD My Passport 1TB Portable Storage at 46% Off

Quantity: 50

Original Price: $119.00
Discounted Price: $64.52

If you are still living in 1997 whereby you didn’t know the importance of backup, then now is a good time for you to understand this concept for cheap.

In this time and age, you either get a cloud storage backup or you get one of these monsters that can save hundreds of movies. At less than $70, it’s a worthwhile investment because in the computer world, an external hard-disk is almost like an insurance policy: don’t cry only when shit hits the fan.

And shit hits the fan more regularly with computers than your life.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi Leather Watch at 59% Off

Quantity: 30

Original Price: $170
Discounted Price: $69.52

People nowadays don’t use a watch to tell time; they use a phone. So a watch becomes a symbol; if you wear a $5 pasar malam watch, people might judge you.

I’m of course not advocating that cheap watch defines a person, but what if you can get a cheap watch that is supposed to be expensive? In comes the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi Leather Watch at 59% off: you get an authentic and expensive watch, yet at a price that you’re comfortable with.

And just look at that. Doesn’t that just scream “I’m classy!”?

Odette Kettle and Toaster Set at 57% Off

Quantity: 20

Original Price: $139.90
Discounted Price: $59.52

What’s better than a functional pair of electrical appliances? A functional pair of electrical appliances that are Instagram-worthy as well. The Odette Kettle and Toaster Set doesn’t just do the job of making sure that your breakfast is done within minutes; it also add points to your kitchen’s design.

For all you know, you might just start to wake up on time every morning because #sopretty

Mamypoko Extra Soft Pants (4 Packs) at 35% Off

Quantity: 30

Original Price: $45.50
Discounted Price: $29.52

Okay, this is primarily for all the young parents out there. Baby Bonus not enough to cover the cost of raising that cutest baby of yours? Why not get this at 35% off? You won’t need to carry them all the way from the supermarket back home, and your precious little one might just smile when he or she sees this.

This promises to keep “mummies, daddies and babies cheerful throughout the day,” but I’ll go on and say that it’ll also keep your wallets cheerful.

Are you excited yet? Remember, it’ll start from 3 August 2017, 00:00 (12 midnight) to 23:59.

And remember: if you’re new to Shopee, you can use the promo code HAPPY52xGF, which will be valid until the end of August.

If you’re a current user, you can use HAPPY52xGF3 to get $3 off with a minimum spend of $20 (valid until 4 August 2017).

You’re welcome!

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