There Are Now Cat Donuts in S’pore. Here’s What You Should Know

These days, pretty food and drinks play a huge part in our Instagram’s aesthetics.

You rather upload a subpar cake with intricate frosting details than a plate of scrumptious chicken rice. Am I right?

Last month, it was all about drinks served in (lit) bulbs—this month is all about donuts.

Donuts can look pretty on its own with its translucent sugar glaze


Or rainbow sprinkles


Or coated in a mix of colour that looks like unicorn barf?


But what about cat donuts?

That would be cuteness overload aka kawaii.

No, it is not donuts for your cat. It is a doughnut that looks like a cat.

Gokuku Japanese Bakery, (why am I not surprised, The Land of The Rising Sun is responsible for some of the cutest cartoons like Hello Kitty and Pokemon) is dishing out two feline-inspired donuts.

Take a look:

Even the cat wants to have a bite.


Never thought a cat would make me hungry.


Because two is better than one!



According to Mothership, they are called Kawaii Cat Donut (how apt) and Kuro Cat Donut which looks oddly similar to the cat in Blue Exorcist.


Doesn’t it?

They cost $2.20, it is definitely a steal comparing to other gimmicky food.

These Cat Donuts are like celebs with their own ‘appearance timing’

According to an unnamed source (read: my colleague who keeps denying he’s into cute stuff like these), there are specific bake times for these cutie pies.

They’re 10.30 am, 1 pm, 3.30 pm and the last bake time is 5 pm daily.


What are you waiting for? Time to jio your buddies and head down to JP liao!

And let us know if it tastes is as good as it looks!

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