NTU Library Has Power Nap Pods for Students to Sleep Between Lessons

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I‘ve always been a staunch believer in one thing:


I mean; just look at all the historical figures who have achieved great things with it: Genghis Khan, Benedict Cumperpie, Amos Yee… Coincidence?

I think not.

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And if you need further evidence to believe my claim, just check this out:

Image: Nanyang Technological University Facebook Page

Yes, ma lovely folks; this here is the legendary, absolutely-out-of-this-world, the artifact commissioned by the queen of pies herself…

A power nap pod.

And guess where it is?


Well, prepare the clangers, for this nap pod…

Can actually be found in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Image: Giphy

Meanwhile NTU students be like…

Image: Gifer

Why study when you can nap?

It seems that Nanyang Technological University is the latest believer in the ancient martial art of ’40 winks’, as they’ve incorporated an actual rest pod in the confines of their library.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

Located at the NTU Lee Wee Nam library, this rest pod doesn’t just look aesthetic af.

It probably also makes you sleepy af.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

Although I doubt it’ll be a fav place during the 7th month, seeing how the mirror looks like a portral to Lucifer’s chambers itself. But hey, if you girls fancy something more ‘demonic’, by all means go ahead.

Incidentally, you can book your personal sleepy time at http://cokun.co, where you’re tentatively entitled to 30 full minutes of zzz action.

Crowd favourite

Unsurprisingly, the move proved a hit with the students.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

And some alumni started rolling back the years.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

Although some had pretty pertinent concerns…

Image: NTU Facebook Page

As well as questions to phrase:

Image: Nanyang Technological University Facebook Page

And one suggested what everyone was probably thinking in the back of their heads.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

But one thing’s for sure:

The nap pod is a hit.

Image: NTU Facebook Page

So what are you waiting for?

Sick of books? Craving for sleep?

Well, Lee Wee Nam Library has just the thing for you.

So log onto your computer, hit up cokun.ko and start booking those 30 minute nap sessions you never knew you needed, but definitely need now.

However, I’m pretty sure this is only applicable to current NTU students, seeing how you’re required to book it via NTU Wi-Fi. So no sneaking into the campus and trying to ‘chope’ some quick snooze sessions, alright?

Power Naps, the Proven Way to Increase Productivity

If you’re not aware, power naps aren’t just for babies. Offices have been installing power nap pods to increase productivity and for good reasons: it apparently is allegedly better than coffee.

In addition, studies have shown that it may reduce stress and even decrease the risk of heart disease.

Boss, you reading this?

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Choose NTU

Around 6 months ago, NTU released this video in a well-disguised attempt to draw them gullible young bloods in.

8 reasons to choose NTU

Need a helping 🤚in deciding on a university? Here are 8 reasons to chew on why #NTUsg is the ☝for you. http://bit.ly/HEY36WhyNTU

Posted by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

But from what looks of it…

It seems like they have one more reason to add to the list now.

And on a side note…

When are the other schools gonna implement such a thing? After all, there’s clearly a market for it. 

Image: Tenor

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