Okay, This Auntie-looking Bag is Branded & Costs over $3,000

I think my storeroom also got one. Serious. But the only difference between mine and the Balenciaga bag is that mine costs S$5 from the hardware store.

Also known as the Spanish luxury fashion house, Balenciaga is very well-known for their range of designer handbags and shoes, especially the Balenciaga Classic City which is mostly sought-after for its classic and chic design.


But fast forward a few years later, the brand is here to wow us with another fashion-forward design yet again. But this time, they have officially outdone themselves with the design of the century for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection.


Let’s take a moment to try and spot the difference here.


These latest fashion statements from Balenciaga were marketed as “Market Bags” because the designers wanted a really large structured bag to hold all their items. And guess how much these bags are sold at.


Oh, the price that people are willing to pay for fashion.

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