Okay, It’s Confirmed: Google Assistant Now is Singlish Certified. Thankew Arh, Google.

Now, here’s something we can all make a shout-out of and a big deal too. Google’s brought our local Singlish onto a whole new level by incorporating it in its Google Assistant feature.

Wah lau wei. Damn cool sia. I feel like writing this entire article in Singlish seh ‘coz so super proud.

But what does this really mean?

You’ll want to read on, as this will definitely be handy information for you later.

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About Well, Everything

In case you’ve been sitting under a nutshell for some time, let us just tell you that Google’s latest phone is set to hit none other than the market here in a fortnight.

Which is probably the reason why Singlish’s been added into its Google Assistant feature – to make it more friendly to us.

So, when the time comes for you to cook up sambal for your nasi lemak and you’re not sure how to go about it from scratch, ask Google Assistant to help you. Wanna know where to get your cash from as there’s no ATM or 7-Eleven in sight? Ask this digital Ah Boy to help you out.

Now you got Singaporean Assistant leh.

It’s still picking up on its learning process though. In a demonstration a few days ago at Google’s Asia Pacific Office here, when the Assistant was told to speak in Singlish, it was damn good seh.

When asked the same question again, the “fella” can say some more that it’s still learning, and can tahan a bit anot. It even ended with a note that world-class Singlish is going to come soon sia.


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Anyway, based on the words of the production manager, Deniz Binay, there are a couple of Singlish words are still missing from the program, and it will get better as more updates are fitted in.

But why add Singlish into Google Assistant?

Well, Google Singapore’s country director, Ms Stephanie Davis said that Singaporeans are always on the move and are frequent smartphone users, so it made sense in a way to have a Singlish feature for us la.

So, from now on, if you need help with selfie, directions through Google Map, or even getting a decent translation, you won’t have to worry about the local slang being a challenge to deal with anymore.

How do you use Google Assistant? You’ll just need to either press the Home button and hold on to it for a second or two for it to activate itself, or just say out loud the phrase “OK, Google.”

Kind of similar to Siri in a way, we guess. Just that Siri is now Tan Ah Lian.

Image: The Straits Times

And in case you’re wondering about the Google phone, Google’s Pixel 2 XL will start getting sold from 15 Nov. Singapore’s sole seller here is going to be Singtel, and is expected to retail at S$1098 for a 64GB phone. Its most affordable plan comes up at S$27.90 per month.

So, you wanna get a new phone with Google or not? One that supports your local language leh. We think we just might!

Google, you powderful lah!

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