Old Chang Kee Having Cheesy Fish & Chicken ‘Coz Everything Cheese is Goody

Image: Old Chang Kee

Nobody likes a guy who’s cheesy. I mean, imagine this guy trying to pick up pretty girls at the nightclub.

Hey, snow angel, where you from? I think you fell from heaven just for me, right? Yup. He’s definitely not getting laid tonight unless he’s exceptionally handsome like my colleague.

But sometimes, being cheesy works.

Especially if you have the confidence to pull it off. And that’s what Old Chang Kee thinks, which explains why they’re planning such a cheesy move after their recent Chilli Crab success.

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Hoping to attract all savoury lovers’ attention in Singapore, Old Chang Kee is embarking on what is possibly their cheesiest move ever.

They’re going to put gooey, yellow sauces right in front of you and expect you to pay for them.

And to be honest, cheese with everything sounds good. Have plain rice? Add a cheese!

Image: Carlos Huang / Shutterstock.com

Have some leftover bread? Add some cheese!

Image: PHIL LENOIR / Shutterstock.com

Well, I could go on but you get what I mean, right? Cheese makes everything better.

Old Chang Kee Cheese Battle 2018

From 1 Sep to Dec 2018, Old Chang Kee will be creating different cheesy items monthly just for you guys.

And they promise to be innovative so we can all settle down to enjoy the show. After all, Old Chang Kee has never disappointed Singaporeans. Yet.

For the first launch, they’ve created two delicious cheesy items for you to enjoy.

Image: Old Chang Kee

The cheesy fish fingers and the cheesy chicken pops.

The Cheesy Fish Fingers 

Image: Old Chang Kee

Imagine biting into fish fingers fried to perfection and oozing cheese with every bite. And if that’s not enough, it’ll be covered even more cheese on top.

And all of that for just $2.90.


And we’re only on the first one.

Chicken Chunky Pops: Cheese Style

Now, for those who love Old Chang Kee’s chicken chunks, you’re going to love this even more.

Image: Old Chang Kee

True-blue Old Chang Kee fans will have tried their chicken chunks before. Big, juicy, tender chicken pieces that somehow tastes better than KFC’s Popcorn chicken.

Now, you can add another layer of bliss to it by slathering cheese sauce all over it. Addictive.

The damage? $2.90.

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Now, you can get your hands on these two new items at all Old Chang Kee stores. But better fast-hand-fast-leg, okay?

Because these are available for a limited period only. And judging by how fast their Nasi Lemak curry puff sold out, their items sell fast.

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