People Are Shattering Their iPhone X to ‘Test’ Its Screen. And Shattered They Did

The iPhone X was released recently, and suffice it to say that it went viral.

Alright, that’s an understatement; people went nuts over it. Literally.

But it might be for a slightly different reason than the one you’re thinking of.

The strongest glass in smartphones

Apple had this to say about their latest release: “iPhone X features the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back.”

But is it really?

CNET puts it to the test.

Drop test 1 had the iPhone X going against the ultimate foe of many a phone: the sidewalk.

Dropped from 0.9 m up (pocket height for most people), the phone ended up back-first looking like this:

Image: CNET

Not too shabby, but not something I would gift to my non-existent girlfriend either.

Drop test 2 had the iPhone X going against the sidewalk again, from the same height again, but this time face-first.

I feel wary about it all, but meh it’s not my iPhone. Let’s check out the result!

Image: CNET

CNET had this to say: “I could see even deeper fractures extending diagonally across the entire back of the phone from the impact.”

“The worst dent was on the bottom right-hand corner, probably where it hit first. I ran my finger on the circular dent where it hit and felt a few tiny shards fall of the edge. The cracks radiated out from this point rebounding onto another scuff on the bottom of the screen closer to the left hand corner.”

“Everything still worked fine, but this iPhone X definitely looked banged up.”

Ehh… was that a pass?

It actually happened in real life

It seems that Netizens have been eager to try the shattering test too.

Albeit unintentionally.

Image: SamerBull Twitter

Can’t think of a better way to squander a thousand bucks.

Image: DaeLuciano Twitter

Well, I would cry too. But do not let that deter you from getting one yourself.

If his shatters, yours can too! Believe in yourself!

Image: Anita Knapp Twitter

Physics at its best.

Image: Cey’na Twitter
Image: HennyDaLesbian Twitter
Image: bidemi_brooke Twitter

If you’ve an iPhone X, don’t befriend Abidemi. It will break.

Coincidentally, the stories also got several iPhone X users on their toes.

Not really surprised about that though.

It even became the stuff of bad dreams. Now that’s positive publicity.

But some raised a pretty logical thought process.


Which kind of makes sense.

And then there are the doomsayers.

Right little ray of sunshine.

What do you have to say about that, Apple?

Apple have clarified that the new iPhone is “durable, but not indestructible.”

“iPhone X is made from the most durable glass ever in a smartphone with a 50 percent deeper strengthening layer using our dual ion-exchange process, further reinforced by an internal laser welded, steel and copper structure.”

“And the surgical-grade stainless steel band that wraps around and reinforces iPhone X is a special Apple-designed alloy that is both durable and more pure.”

“If anyone is concerned about dropping their iPhone and damaging it, we suggest using one of the many beautiful cases available to protect iPhone.”

I don’t know, Apple. Your first two paragraphs made me visualize a smartphone version of Superman, you know.

The last paragraph just had me thinking of Hawkeye.

Moral of the story

If you don’t wish to see SGD 1.8K fly away, get a case. #adviceoftheyear


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