Vigilant Student Found Pinhole Camera in Toilet of NTU

Our world is a vast and magical place, filled with all types of plants and animals. As such, it’s almost impossible for us to know everything about them.

Heck, we don’t even know everything about our own species as of now!


Take for example: why some people love to take videos/photos of people using the toilet!


This is the direction this article is taking, thank you very much.


According to Lianhe Wanbao, a pinhole camera was found in a handicapped toilet in Nanyang Technological University. Apparently, the camera was hidden inside a plastic hook mounted on the door.

The hook was positioned in such a way that it would face the toilet bowl when the door’s closed. Furthermore, would you just look at the position of the hook!



I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really obvious that something’s not right here. I mean, who the hell would install a hook at a spot like that?

Hmm, I guess unsuspecting users will still fall prey to the camera. I would imagine that not everybody pays attention to their surroundings when well, doing their businesses.

According to The Straits Times, the police said that they’ve received “a call for assistance on a case of insulting the modesty of women in Nanyang Drive” at 5.03pm on 1 Mar.


The camera was found by a female printing service contractor.

A spokesperson for NTU told The Straits Times that “a suspected pinhole camera was found inside a handicapped toilet at basement 1 of the Humanities & Social Sciences building on Thursday afternoon”.

“The police were called and the device was immediately removed and taken away as part of police investigations,” the spokesperson added.

Police investigations are ongoing.


Now, this is going to be a tough case to crack considering we can’t actually install a camera inside the toilet(duh) to catch the culprit.

I guess we’ll have to be vigilant even when using the toilet these days! Maybe one day, these perverts will play straight into the traps laid out by the police.

Then perhaps, they’ll get a taste of  their own medicine when they’re being watched by the very camera they so loved for the rest of their lives.

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