Police Stopped Offending Car But Helped 开路 When He Realized There’s a Sick Child

There are people who jam-braked immediately when they see the slightest reflection of a police beacon light, even if they’re not speeding.

And some would just automatically curse when they see one.

But let’s all face it: whether it’s a TP vehicle or a normal police car, they’re there not to catch you but to protect you. These unsung heroes should be commended but are often criticized (for no good reason except for people’s self interest).

So it’s really refreshing, and nice, to see this story which has gone viral, garnering well over 4.9K Shares so far, and rightfully so.

Facebook user Joan Lim related her experience on 4 July 2017, saying that on 6:45 p.m. that day, her husband drove on the road shoulder with his car’s hazard lights on.

For those who’re not familiar with the highway code, here’s some context: no private car can drive on the road shoulder; if caught, the driver will be given 6 demerit points, which is equal to the penalty of speeding by 21 kmh to 30 kmh.

That is a lot of points.

So, a police car noticed that and stopped them. When Joan Lim told the officer that their daughter was having a high fever at 39.2 degree celsius, the police officer immediately (I like this word) asked them to follow his car as he escorted them to the hospital, paving the way for them as the roads were presumably congested.

Joan Lim even posted the officer’s name: Koh Wei Jie, and his car plate number, QX842J.

While I’m pretty certain heartwarming moments like this happen very often, these unsung heroes haven’t been getting the attention they deserve.

And when these road guardians read the comments, I bet they’ll find even greater purpose in their job.

There are, so far, well over 1.4K comments, with most of them praising SPF.

Now, that’s a pat on the shoulder that they really should be getting more of.

You can check out the post here.

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: Facebook (Joan Lim)

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