Once You Know This Secret Workout, You’ll Never Go To A Gym Again

You know exercising is good for everyone but you also know that exercising is not for everyone.

Okay, wait-what?! That doesn’t make sense! Or does it? 

I mean, running’s the best exercise to lose weight, but it’ll destroy your knees.

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Swimming’s great for cardio and keeping your joints healthy but not everyone is a Joseph Schooling who schooled other swimmers. Heh heh, geddit?

And there you are, going to the gym and hating every single minute of it. 

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It’s demoralising enough looking at people with better bodies. Yet at the gym, you spend more time waiting for the machines to be freed up for use than you do exercising.

But what if I tell you there’s an activity out there that won’t destroy your knees, burns up a ton of fats and is super fun?


No, not related to basketball or relationships. It’s jumping on a trampoline. 

A study was done by the American Council on Exercise on the art of rebounding, or what I like to call jumping up and down on the trampoline.

It was found that jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes is just as good as running. And I’m talking about 10km/hr type of running. 

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They took 24 college kids in good physical health and made them do a workout on the trampoline for 19 minutes. 

When they measured their heart rates and oxygen expenditure every minute, it was found that jumping on a trampoline was a moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise, equivalent to running 10km/hr. 

But that’s not the most interesting thing. The kids were asked about their feelings and their replies suggested that they view the exercise as a light-to-moderate intensity workout.

Most of you procrastinate when it comes to running. Oh, the weather’s too hot; okay, I’ll start tomorrow when I’m less tired. 

You won’t do that with rebounding because it’s just too damn fun. And guess what? We’ve got just the place for you to get started!

Zoom Park Singapore at Pandan Gardens

Most Westies might not even know of this place.

It’s the largest trampoline park in Singapore and it’s filled with everything you’d want from a trampoline park.

From the tumble track where you can learn flipping (and falling)

Image: zoomparkasia.com

To the rock wall area where you can climb jump down from the top and land safely in the foam

Image: zoomparkasia.com

There’s even an area where you there are hoops for you to slam dunk #LikeaBoss 

Image: zoomparkasia.com

Not only that, they have coaches to teach you how to jump on the trampoline like a pro. 

Excited to get started?

There are a couple of promotions they have going on that you can enjoy. Don’t say bojio mah, right?

Visit the park on a Tuesday and enjoy their unlimited Tuesday promotion! Just pay for an admission ticket and you can jump for the entire day

And if you think Zumba is fun, wait till you try out their Zoom Nights where you can exercise to your heart’s content to loud, booming music that’ll bring your heart rate right up.

Last but not least, get a huge group of friends and buy their multi-passes. Get 12 tickets at the price of 10, which is at $150 nett. 

That’s like $12.50 per pax.

Sweat it out with your friends this June holidays and who knows, you might just get addicted to jumping up and down like a crazy rabbit on a sugar high.

I have no idea where that came from but wow, what a great analogy! #NoShame #SelfPraiseNationalDisgrace

Address: 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-14 Singapore 609336
Tel: 6334-4615
Website: zoomparkasia.com/singapore

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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com and is written in collaboration with Zoom Park Asia (Singapore).