Popular Thai Cafe After You, With Their Durian Sticky Rice Shibuya Toast, Is Here in S’pore for 3 Days

In case you don’t get on Facebook much, After You is a very popular dessert cafe in Bangkok.

Image: tripadvisor.com

They were so popular everybody everywhere was talking about them.

Including us.

Because who can resist not talking about desserts, right?

Known for their Instagram-worthy desserts and signature Shibuya toasts that’ll bring you straight up to heaven (figuratively, of course), every Singaporean who goes to Bangkok would have this place in their itinerary.

But guess what?

After You Cafe be here in Singapore for three days only

Image: Sansiri PLC Facebook Page

For the first time ever in After You‘s history, they will be hawking their wares at Singapore’s very own Royal Thai Embassy on 8-10 September 2017.

That’s right. Right here in our backyard.

*My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours* (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Items We Sincerely Hope Will Be Available At After You Cafe: S’pore Limited Ed.

Besides their super popular Honey Shibuya toast, Nutella Shibuya Toast and Strawberry Cream Toast, there is one Shibuya Toast we’re hoping they’ll bring along.

The all-new…

Okay…not really that new…

But the amazingly delicious…

A rainbow of deliciousness…

Durian Shibuya Toast With Sticky Rice & Durian Ice Cream

Image: foodspotting.com

Imagine fragrant, satisfying toast topped with sticky rice and durian ice cream. Then ending off beautifully with a dollop of whipped cream.

Image: i.pinimg.com

Now, you don’t have to bring your passport and book a $178++ flight ticket to BKK just to get a taste of their desserts.

Instead, just mark these dates down on your calendar (8-10 Sep) and make your way to The Finest Thai, a Thai lifestyle festival featuring top Thai brands and shops.

Of course, expect the price of After You desserts to rise accordingly once the food passes Singapore customs but let’s be honest here.

Between a $178 air ticket and a $10 increase in price, which would you prefer?

Of course, given Singaporeans’ penchant for crowding over everything foreign (except foreign talent), make sure you’re there early because the crowd is going to get really, really crazy.

And the durian sticky rice Shibuya Toast might go out of stock. What are you waiting for? Time to jio your dessert buddies out liao! 😉

Address: Royal Thai Embassy, 370 Orchard Road, Singapore 238870
Date / Time: 8 -10 Sep 2017, 12 – 9 pm

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