Prep Your Umbrella ‘Coz It’s Going to Rain For the 1st Half of March

Prior to the start of the lunar new year festivities, we received shocking news:

It’s gonna be hot & wet in the latter two weeks of Feb.

Lest you’re unaware, that’s a particularly devilish combination, considering the amount of CNY goodies we will be stuffing our mouths with. Luckily, I managed to survive the onslaught, and am now writing with my throat intact. Though barely.

But just as I’m about to let my guard down, I receive another piece of news:

More rain is expected in the first two weeks of March, as compared to the last fortnight.

And my reaction’s like:

“The daily temperature on most days is forecast to range between 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius, but there may be a few warmer days of 34 degrees Celsius,” said Channel News Asia.

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According to the Meteorological Service of Singapore, more rain is predicted in the first two weeks of March. This comes off the back of an earlier expectation wherein the last two weeks of February were forecasted to be hot & rainy.

Thundery showers are expected on at least seven separate occasions, mostly in the afternoon. Though on certain days the rain could extend into the evening.

The second week of March might be slightly better, with windy conditions, passing showers and cooler temperatures part of the expected package.

Temperature wise, the daily temperature on most days is expected to range between 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius. On a few days, the max. temperature might reach 34 degrees Celsius.


As always, this turn of events can be attributed to a “weak monsoon surge” that could affect the South China Sea and the surrounding region.

Now, if only that surge isn’t weak, but a strong one. The cold days will be back for sure.

So guys

Prep your umbrellas, especially if you’re heading out in the afternoon.

And remember to dry your shoes properly, give them a few days’ break if needed.

Because the last thing I want to face in the train after a tiring day of work is your shoe’s rain-drenched stench.


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