This Rojak is Vegetarian, Halal, Atas and is Manned By a Beautiful Lady

Okay, don’t get us wrong here. We really wanted to give a shout-out to this interesting Rojak stall and stumped upon pictures of the beautiful lady and decided – why not?


Opened in early April, Rojak Line serves delectable rojak prepared using quality ingredients. As the owner did not like the hae koh (shrimp paste) used in the typical rojak, she decided to take things up a notch by preparing her own sauce that is not only vegetarian, but is also halal.


Priced at either $4/$5/$6, you can still expect the usual ingredients like Turnips, Fried YouTiao, and Cucumbers in your rojak. Even though the sauce has been slightly altered, the taste still resembles the normal rojak sauce used – just a little more zesty and fragrant which gave a refreshing aftertaste!


And if you are still hungry from the rojak, you can also order the Vegetarian popiah which comes wrapped with ingredients like turnip, carrot, salad, shitake, sweet sauce, crispy bits, peanut, chilli and garlic. For those who are looking for an interesting twist, you can also order up the YouTiao Popiah! 

Okay, and now, on to the chiobu selling it.


‘Nuff said? Maybe seeing her face when buying your rojak can also help you brighten up your day (and the rojak) a little more! Okay lah, I mean she didn’t reveal her social media accounts or anything but seeing such a cute face is definitely worth garnering a visit there! Don’t say we bojio hor. 

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Cassandra Tan

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