SAF Getting New Combat Boots That Can Last Longer, But Honestly We Want Something Else

Well, there we have it: after changing uniform for the countless times, SAF is now changing their combat boots—again.

Having worn so many kinds of combat boots in the last several years, I was expecting one key change: make them comfortable.

According to The Straits Times, the Frontier boots, used for the past four years, had a major flaw: the soles came apart easily, even when they’re not used. The report stated that the boots have a lifespan of two years whether you use them or not.


I don’t know about you, but personally, I thought it was the Gore-Tex ones that often had its sole breaking apart?

This time, the boots come in two variations: one is simply called the Army Combat Boots (ACB) while the other is called Enhanced Combat Boots (ECB). To put it in its simplest term, the ACB is more for durability, so it’s catered for soldiers who move less, or NSmen. The ECB is for soldiers who need to move a lot as its main purpose is performance.

New recruits will be equipped with the new boots (both ACB) in May 2017, while the new boots will be available for sale in selected eMart outlets this Friday. Selected active manoeuvre units (chiong sua pengs) will be given the ECB.

The interesting part is the ECB: it’s made by US Brand Magnum, the company that makes the popular ice-cream a company that started in 1974 and specialized in combat boots. Just take a look at its website and you’ll feel manly without even wearing them.


Now, coming from an NSman, here’s the question, regardless of whether it’s ACB or ECB or CCB: will it be painful?

When the Frontier boots were released, the pain it caused to our feet was crazy—so crazy that during an important mission briefing, someone even raised his hand and ask, “Why the new boots so painful?”

Having just to wear it two weeks a year, it’s difficult to season it. Okay, I know I’m being a complaint king here, but hey, aren’t I just speaking for everyone out there?

Let’s hope it’s not another pair of boots that require us to wear three layers of green socks. We’ll all know by this Friday!

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