Selina Admitted That During The S.H.E 17-Year Concert, She Was Lip-Syncing


90’s kids, how many of you remember S.H.E?

Today might be all about Blackpink, EXID or Girls Generation


But back in the 90’s, most of the boys were crazy over S.H.E, the Taiwanese girl group. We admire them on video, bought their albums and argue over which girl is prettier.

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They have been around for 17 years now and recently, Selina made a shocking confession on Facebook.

A Bit of Context Before We Get To The Confession

On Jul 2018, it was revealed that Ella Chen, one-third of iconic group S.H.E will not be renewing her contract with HIM International Music.

It sent shockwaves among the fans, leaving them to wonder if S.H.E is going to disband.

And it doesn’t help that when Ella appeared in public for the first time after the news broke, refused to answer sensitive questions.

Don’t Worry, We’re Stronger Than That

Now, despite Ella’s reluctance to speak on the matter, Hebe was more than happy to take up the reins.

She assured the fans that S.H.E has “stronger bonds than that” at a promotional event.

On 3 Aug, S.H.E announced a free open-air concert for their fans.

The concert will take place at the National Theater and Concert Hall on 11 Sep. At the concert, Selina, Hebe, and Ella will serenade fans with unplugged versions of their songs.

Full House at Free Open-Air Concert & Live Video

50,000 people turned up for the concert. Everybody had fun and many people viewed the video of the concert – online.

In fact, at the end of the concert, S.H.E told fans they’ll see them next year, and promised something even more epic for their 18th year anniversary.

Sounds like all’s well that ends well, right?


Because netizens who watched the video found a problem. Or specifically, a problem with Selina’s voice.

One netizen commented, “My earpiece seemed to be having problems. It felt like she was lip-syncing most of the time.

“The lines that she really sang seemed like she’s not in a good condition right now.”

Netizens started speculating that Selina was having problems with her vocal cords.

Selina Apologised For Lip-Syncing At The Concert

On 12 Sep, Selina uploaded a post on her Facebook page. She confessed that she was having issues with her voice and lip-synced at the concert.

Selina explained that during a recording, she discovered that she was having problems with her voice.

She went to the doctor and was told there was nothing wrong with her vocal cords.

Even after practising as much as she could, her voice remained unstable. That was when she went to a vocal coach and realised it was a problem that couldn’t be solved overnight.

As the 17th-anniversary concert was an important event for their group, she talked to the producers and decided not to sing live.

Even during the rehearsal the day before, Selina described her voice as “disastrous”.

She felt guilty about her performance and promised fans that she’ll solve her vocal issues as soon as possible.

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Fans Were Quick To Forgive And Console

Now, if Goody Feed’s singer had done anything like lip-syncing at a concert, he’ll probably be pelted with so many eggs he won’t have to buy any for months.

But this is Selina, 90’s kids’ idols and all-around singer. Her fans were quick to console her.

As long as you’re standing there on stage, it’s good enough. 

They urged her not to blame herself, saying that having problems with her singing isn’t her fault.

In their eyes, seeing S.H.E stick together is amazing enough by itself.

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And, of course, I need to help my boss say this: Jia you, Selina! We’re always behind you!

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