SG Guy Creates Fake GF FB Profile Using Stolen Photos, Created ‘Steamy’ Online Relationship For 2 Years

You don’t need to find a girlfriend, if you are the girlfriend.



Cue this guy, Wen Hong (below, not the gentleman above).


If I cringe any harder my neck is going to collapse into my stomach. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and all that. But look at what this guy did.


This girl, Chiang, is a real person completely unrelated to this guy. The profile you just saw was completely made up, with photos stolen from the actual, real account.

And in this fake account, she is his girlfriend.

This is a goldmine for some inappropriate jokes, but we gotta keep this (mostly) family-friendly.

The man has been impersonating Chiang as his own girlfriend for two whole years. That’s two years’ worth of photo stealing, fake post posting, and countless mushy Facebook updates written by himself, for himself.

Yeah, I just gave myself a spinal injury from cringing too hard.

Unfortunately for him, the actual girl found out about it a few days ago. She was understandably upset, and contacted the guy, as well as writing a Facebook post about it warning people that she was, in fact, not attached to this dude.

In response, he reported the real account of the girl and got it banned temporarily. What a champion.

Here is their conversation.


How does one get bored enough to do something this ridiculous? Did he… did he just catfish himself? This is some inhuman levels of loneliness. In an age where you could viably get a partner with any one of the plethora of dating apps out there, or even buy the services of a fake girlfriend, why would you choose to impersonate someone and invent a relationship entirely on social media?

This is like spreading rumours of being in a relationship with someone else, only worse.

Kids, don’t be like this guy. Just buy a mail-order bride like everyone else.

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