SGD$1 = RM3.17. Here’s What You Should Do in JB this Weekend

With the Malaysian currency dropping like cray, it gives us even more reason to visit our second most-favourite country in the world. I mean, since it’s already SGD $1 = RM3.17 now, let us give you even more ideas on what to do when you are in there to make your money worth. You can thank us after reading this article by sharing it with your friends too. 

1. Stock up on make up supplies

Yup. Word has it that an Urban Decay foundation found in the Sephora in Malaysia is cheaper than the ones in Singapore. And since the exchange rate is so favourable right now, this is the BEST chance to head over to stock up on your favourite make up products!

2. Go to the night market outside KSL

Only available on Mondays, by the way! And it is located just opposite KSL Shopping Mall in Johor Bahru. If you don’t know what you can expect from the pasar malam, well, here’s an article that you can reference to! Other than food, you can also buy some home necessities and groceries there! 

3. Stock up on groceries at Tesco

Image: KSL City Malaysia

Yup, there’s a huge supermarket at KSL shopping centre that sells almost every household necessity you’ll need. Whether if it’s shampoos, snacks or even ingredients for your dinner tomorrow night, you can just bag them at the supermarket and bring them home.

The downside? Well, it’ll be more convenient if you have a car but hey, I wouldn’t mind lugging all the groceries home on my own if it can save me that much money! 

4. How about a cheap last-minute stay-cation?

Not only can you go for a cheap last-minute stay-cation, you can also take this chance to explore the cafes in JB! Sounds like a cheap and good way to impress your bae, huh? 

5. Might be good to start shopping for CNY clothes. Might be.

Image: Iskandar Malaysia

I mean, even if it’s not shopping for CNY clothes, you can also go on a huge shopping spree at either the Forever21 or H&M stores in JB. Who knows? You might even stock up enough clothes to wear for CNY next year! Okay, that might not be the case for girls but for some guys….. you’ll never know. 

6. Go and play a game of paint ball

Here at Paintball Tag in Malaysia, they offer several paintball and team challenge sites to cater for corporate organizations and the general public. As of 2017, they’re also offering a paintball promotion where you can get 250balls for RM80 – that’s like SGD$25! 

7. Catch a movie

Yup, definitely a good reason to catch a movie in Malaysia. Oh, and if you were wondering, the cinema at City Square JB is also under The Cathay Cineplexes, which also means quality popcorn and seats! 

They’re also screening the same movies as those in Singapore – at more than half the price  now, of course! 

8. Seafood mania

Why not take this chance to go to Malaysia for even cheaper seafood? I’m sure you would have heard of friends travelling to Malaysia for a seafood supper.

And with such a low exchange rate, it gives us even more reason to do so! Either grab a few friends along, or just rent a car and drive in on your own! 

9. Go for a cheap massage

YouTube: dato low

Literally a cheap and LEGIT massage ah. Not the other kind of cheap – if you get what we mean hehe. 

10. Karaoke

And last but not least, go for a karaoke! Heck, if you think the rates at Manekineko or Teo Heng are cheap enough, you will be in for the time of your lives when you realise how much cheaper the rates of the Karaoke rooms in Malaysia are – especially with the new exchange rate! 

Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube videos as well? They’re so Singaporean, I bet you’ll like them!

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