Shiok! NSMen Will Receive NS50 Vouchers Soon, Here’s What You Need to Know


Okay, calm down everyone.

If you guys remembered, the NS50 Recognition Package was first announced back in February this year. But information about the progress of the plan was scarce after that. 

The link didn’t work, the website just told us to wait patiently for more information and there weren’t any further updates for a long time.

So, we thought, aiyo don’t know whether they anyhow say or will really give one. That or AWARE has gotten to it. #JustSaying

If you’ve thought the same way we did, then there’s good news for you!

Channelnewsasia reported that NSmen will start receiving the NS50 Recognition Package from mid-May.

Here’s what you need to know.

SAFRA & HomeTeamNS Members To Start Receiving The Package


Announced in February this year, past and present servicemen will start receiving the NS50 package from mid-May.

The package consists of a free 1-year membership with SAFRA or HomeTeamNS and $100 worth of NS vouchers. These vouchers can be used at over 6,000 participating outlets and services like NTUC Fairprice, Singapore Airlines, 7-Eleven and more.

For the full list of participating partners, click here

Existing SAFRA and HomeTeamNS Members To Get Their Packages First


If you’re an existing member of SAFRA or HomeTeamNS, good for you.

You’ll receive the NS50 package directly by mail.

So how about those who are not members? You’ll have to first register for your NS50 recognition package via the letter they’ll mail to your house.

Unfortunately, you’ll only receive the letter from late-July, so it’ll be a bit of a wait. You’ll receive the package within one to two months after registration.

If you’re from the SAF or Home Team, you can also register online at the SAFRA or HomeTeamNS redemption portals at a later date.

Both links are not active at the moment of writing.


Registration for the NS50 recognition package will be open till 30 Jun 2018.

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