Someone Did a Drop Test on iPhone 8 Plus & Note 8. Guess Which Phone Survive?

When deliberating between which phone to adopt for the next two years, our minds tend to wander around certain aspects: price, specs, display, cameras, etc, etc.

But nobody remembered the all-important factor that made Nokia what it is today.

Can it survive a major fall?

That, to me at least, is the golden question.

And luckily for us, Youtube channel PhoneBuff volunteered to test the theory out for us.

Did I mention that they are using the newest iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the test drops?

Guess not all heroes wear capes, eh?

Before we head into the video, let’s just insert some claims the respective companies have put out for their phones.

  • The iPhone 8 Plus is claimed to be made with the strongest durable glass to ever be implemented in a smartphone.
  • Samsung has featured an all-glass design for all its smartphones for quite a while now, and every version has had subsequent durability improvements implemented.

Right, let’s check it out!

Test 1: Back Drop (dropping the phone onto its back from a certain height)

iPhone 8 Plus: Front is intact; the back sustained quite a few ‘spider webbings’, but they are more spread out. Phone camera looks a little cracked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Front is intact; the back sustained fewer ‘spider webbings’, but they were more concentrated in the upper right portion. This means that the Note 8 has a higher possibility of getting your skin cut by glass when you use it after a big fall.

Phone camera still looks perfect.

Test 2: Corner Drop (dropping the phone onto its corner from a certain height)

Both phones sustained scruff marks on their corner edges, but the Note 8 slightly edges out in terms of damages.

Test 3: Face Drop

When both phones were dropped, the iPhone 8 Plus fell flat-first, while the Note 8 did a whole somersault upon falling. This says something about flexibility, eh?

iPhone 8 Plus: There were distinct cracks in the upper right portion of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The cracks were scattered to the edges. This could be attributed to the fact that the phone has curved edges.

Test 4: Bonus Round (the 10 falls of death)

And finally, we got the endurance test! Both participants shall be put through a lethal and hellish 10 rounds of falls (and the height is way higher than before) for the sake of our viewing pleasure.

iPhone 8 Plus: Died in the 8th round. Pretty much sent to heaven. A whole chunk of the back’s glass popped out. The screen’s 90% frozen out, and the only thing you can do is flick your finger back and forth.

Image: PhoneBuff Youtube Channel
Image: PhoneBuff Youtube Channel

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Still working fine after the 10th round.

The phone looks like someone just slammed it with a hammer 100 times, but it’s still working. The camera died, however.

Note that you probably can’t use it for a long period of time: anymore and your fingers are going to look like a jigsaw puzzle.

Image: PhoneBuff Youtube Channel
Image: PhoneBuff Youtube Channel

Before we reach the conclusion, can we just mourn for the deaths of those two beautiful phones?

Image: Imgflip


So Mr Apple, what was that again about using the strongest glass to reinforce your smartphone?

Because your dear brethren there suffered such an untimely death, and because it’s not really your first time smoking us stupid consumers, I shall not pursue the matter. #usedtoit

Without any doubt, Note 8 dominated that match-up. The iPhone might have edged out in the front and corner drop rounds, but it’s pretty much Liverpool for the rest.

Which leads to the somewhat unsatisfying conclusion (because I’m an Apple user) that Note 8’s the better phone, as far as durability’s concerned.

So yeah.

Oh right, got to have an inspirational quote to end the day.

Moral of the story: get the Tech 21 Evo check phone case for your iPhone 8 Plus or Note 8.

It will save your ass.

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