Someone Just Invented a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle for Lazy People


I‘ve mentioned that I don’t wish to receive another water bottle for Christmas.

Not that I’m not grateful for the gift but, I mean, I still have 2 brand new bottles sitting in the storeroom after all.

But a self-cleaning Water bottle?


Hey, do remember that I am a lazy person after all.

So what’s this about a self-cleaning water bottle?

Well, ladies and gentlemen. Introducing, the QUARTZ Bottle!


According to the Kickstarter page,

“The QUARTZ bottle is a reusable, rechargeable, insulated water bottle that cleans itself and the water you put inside it. With digital purification from UVC light, your water and bottle is purified at the touch of a button.”


Sounds like good news for our environment! Way better than buying a bottle of mineral water every time you’re thirsty! (Imagine all the plastic waste we produce each year. Sheesh)

Apparently, all it takes is the touch of a button and your water bottle is clean!


Furthermore, QUARTZ also boasts that it’s able to sanitize enough water for your entire family with a single charge!

Hmm, I wonder if I can sanitize the water from a Long Kang…

Bleah. Even if it’s supposedly clean, I guess there’s still a psychological barrier of sorts…


Anyway, for all of the lazy and cheapskate (I prefer the term thrifty) people like me, there’s also an economical reason why you should get a QUARTZ Bottle.

So you don’t have to buy mineral water or boil water lah.

Well, the tap water in Singapore is potable anyway, so I guess for Singaporeans it’s really about the amount of money spent on Mineral water.

Anyway, here’s a table of things that make the QUARTZ bottle stand out from the rest.


Personally, the reason pertaining to why I want to buy the QUARTZ bottle has always been because of the odour from my bottle.

That, and the fact that I go backpacking a lot (Hey, that’s the one thing I’m not lazy about).

It would be nice if I can just fill my bottle with tap/river water from anywhere and not worry about a stomachache.

Anyway, here’s a link to their Kickstarter page. Do support them if you want to get your hands on this cool bottle!

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