People Are So Lazy, There’s Even a Self-driving Fridge


My grandma used to tell me that no matter how lazy I am, I still have to climb out of my bed for food.

Well, yeah. That was way before smartphones became a thing.

With self-driving cars becoming a reality these days, it’s not too far fetched to think that everything inside your home will become automatic sooner or later, right?

And now, I’m one step closer to my dream of staying in bed for the entire day (except when going to the toilet, duh).

Panasonic is experimenting with a self-driving fridge at the moment. Yeap, a self-driving fridge.


No, it’s not a fridge that goes shopping for you. What were you thinking?

It’s a fridge. That comes to you. When you call it.


It’s the ultimate gift for a lazy person, FYI.

As you can see from the image above, the fridge’s name is “Ku”. It uses LIDAR and depth sensors to navigate around your home safely.

In case you have no idea what LIDAR is, it’s the same technology used by Google’s self-driving car.

As seen on Businessinsider, Ku is capable of maneuvering around unexpected obstacles like pets and children. I guess it’s kinda like how self-driving cars avoid people, eh?

Oops, wrong video. But hey, please just pretend that I posted the right video (coz I’m lazy like that).

Anyway, remember when I said that the fridge comes to you when you call it? The fridge is voice activated, capable of going anywhere you want it to. Once you’re done with it, Ku will return to its cubby to await further orders.


(D’aww, it’s like a puppy)

I can already imagine myself buying one and be like:

“Ku, come to my bed. I need my Doritos and mountain dew.”


Oh boy, that’s like a dream come true.

Lazy people’s dreams aside, Panasonic has also said that Ku could prove useful for people with disabilities.

As of now, Ku is just a prototype. However, Panasonic says it could be available in 5 to 6 years’ time.

Oh well, I guess good things are worth the wait. Let’s hope I’m no longer a hopeless piece of lard by then.

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