Soon, You’ll Be Fined For Indiscriminate Parking Your Bike-Sharing Bikes

Spotted lots of bikes around?

Well, seeing as there are four bike-sharing operators right now and an estimated 30,000 bikes located island wide, it comes off as no surprise.

But did you know that for every randomly parked bicycle that Land Transport Authority lands their paws on, the company behind the bike must pay about S$100 to get the bike back?

In fact, oBike was the unluckiest so far, with 212 impounded bicycles, followed by China-based Mobike and Ofo. Wow, oBike, that’s S$21,200 of sustained losses!

Well, I guess they’ve gotten tired of paying for their patrons’ inconsiderate actions (who wouldn’t?) because they’ve agreed to a proposal with the LTA and the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) 15 town councils to rectify indiscriminate parking once and for all.

So what does the proposal involve?

For one, they are currently developing a single app platform where the general public can report illegally park bikes (I can already see all the STOMPers jumping on the bandwagon).

For two, there will be an establish common response time among the three bike-sharing operators to retrieve the illegally-parked bikes.

For three, geofencing technology will be incorporated by the end of the year.

What’s geofencing? Well, users basically have to park their bikes within a specific area or get fined. It’s just your typical ‘park your car in wrong spot and risk getting saman-ed’

Why was it necessary?

According to Dr Lee Der Horng, a transport expert from the National University of Singapore, a proper government regulatory framework has to be in place, as it would be difficult to require the operators to enforce strict rules on their own customers.

True, the customers will just be like, “If I can’t do this or that, I might as well don’t use your app la.” And as a service provider that relies on its customers for income, that’s a huge no-can-do.

He added, “In some Chinese cities, they have already banned certain types of bike-sharing operators. If your technological competence is not up to a certain level, they just ban your operations. That’s why this kind of regulatory framework is something we need in Singapore.

Well, I guess I can see why the bike operators agreed to the proposals. It was like they were given two options: join us or you can kiss your business goodbye.


Is it that hard to park a damn bike properly?

I mean seriously, look at this.

Image: Channel News Asia

Walao eh, even a five-year-old can park better sia.

Spare a thought for the bike operators, guys. Every time you pull off such a stunt, they got to clean up after your mess, you know? $100 is no small amount, and it’s for one single person.

But I guess the fine might be a masterstroke, seeing as you won’t have a choice but to obey.

Singaporeans are like that. Without rules, they don’t give a shit.

With rules (especially a fine), they’ll be like, “Wa rabak, better park properly or I’ll have no money for dinner later.”

Want to know how I came to that conclusion?

Because I’m also a Singaporean. But the difference’s that I can park properly.

Ohhh, shots fired.

What about you? What do you think?

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