S’pore Car Wheels Stolen in M’sia But Thief Left a Pack of Kopi-O for Him

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

It sucks to have something taken away from you.

And I’m sure it must suck even more to have your car wheels taken away from you, all while you’re in Malaysia for a cup of coffee.

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But hey, you then realise that you don’t actually have to get a cup of coffee, because the thief has so kindly left a packet for you. And as you sip on the kopi-o the thief so warm-heartedly bought for you, you look up at the sky and start to think: “Hey, maybe life ain’t such an asshole after all.”

Image: Giphy

Well, if you thought that the scenario above could only come out of a Michael Bay movie, you’re wrong, for it really happened. But to be fair I did make some parts up.

Or did I?

Stealing yo wheels since 2018

On 10 September 2018, Facebook user Jackson Teo posted an update on his page, entailing pictures of a Singaporean car in Malaysia that had its wheels stolen.

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page
Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

The incident occurred at Bukit Indah, and the caption of the post reads as follows:

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

Which is naturally a pretty sad occurrence, and one could only imagine the owner’s expression once he or she’s back.

Image: Tenor

From the rest of us here, our sincere condolences.

But wait

As a wise old man once said: “There’s a silver lining to every cloud, even if the cloud is like the trashiest, most unfluffy one you can ever find”.

And it seems that like always, he’s right, for there’s a silver lining to even this trashy episode. Or to be more precise, there’s a kopi-o.

Now, at first glance, you can’t actually see anything out of the ordinary.

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

In the picture, you can clearly see a Singapore car with its wheels gone, and two adjunct shops forming the backdrop. That’s about it.

After a quick look at the comments section, however…

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

I look back at the picture, and like an episode of an unreleased, low-budget Illuminati pilot episode…

Image: Jackson Teo Facebook Page

It appeared out of the blue.

Image: Giphy

How is this possible? It’s one thing to steal some unlucky dude/lady’s car wheels…

But gifting a packet of half-consumed Kopi-O?

Image: Tenor

It seems that the world… isn’t such a bad place after all.

Image: Gifer

But on a serious note

If you guys have seen someone rolling around a couple of car wheels suspiciously in Malaysia (or more specifically in the Bt Indah area), please do contact us. We’ll make sure to spread the news like how the Prata uncle spreads his toast with Kaya.

Lest you’re not aware Bukit Indah is a rather popular place for Singaporeans to go during the weekends. After all, the mall there is currently our only option for a nostalgic A&W meal.

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Worst of All News: The Car Could Be Due for Scraping Soon

Unless you live in Mars, you’ll know that cars in Singapore can only be driven for ten years.

SJL means that the car’s COE could be expiring on – wait for it – September 2018.

Which means the car is going to be scraped soon.

Well, without wheels, the owner might have to fork out some money for new wheels so that it can be scraped.

It’s like buying ice-cream and dropping it immediately.

The world’s unfair.


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