S’porean Couple Who Met on Diablo III Has the Coolest Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot Ever

Since young, our parents have always told us not to talk to strangers online as it can be dangerous. 

However, this couple, Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo, met each other online while playing Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment that allows players to take the role of different game characters.

In the game,  Alvin Lau takes on the role of a crusader while Alexis Loo plays a Demon Hunter. They met each other online and their friendship developed into budding romance, which continued into marriage.

Image source: us.battle.net

In order to commemorate the way they met each other, they held a Diablo-themed wedding, as well as an unconventional Diablo-themed wedding photo shoot. For the photo shoot, they even cosplayed as the characters in the game, with weapons and armored outfit. 

The couple also tried to find ways to achieve the actual game effects by painstakingly sourcing for locations that were similar to the actual gameplay. 

Image source: mothership.sg

This couple has gone to as far as Malacca, Malaysia to find suitable places for their wedding shoot. As it is difficult to find buildings and architecture in Singapore that match the Diablo theme, many of their photo shoots were done in the studio with a green screen.

The couple did many individual shoots and pieced them together for the final product.

Image source: mothership.sg

The photoshoot was done by the team at Mezame while the costumes and props were prepared by Neo Tokyo Project. Neo Tokyo project crafted brilliant outfits for the couple, highly resembling the outfits in the game itself.

image source: cosplay.kotaku.com

These unique and intricate wedding outfits will definitely be remembered by the couple for a lifetime!

Check out how the photo was carried out by team at Mezame below:

This photo shoot is simply amazing with the intricate outfits, the weapons and how the couple even got together. We wish this couple a blissful marriage and their happiness to last forever.

Featured image: theartofmezame.com

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