In this Spooky Realistic Game, You Found a Phone & Must Locate the Owner


Last Updated on 2022-08-16 , 10:02 am

The premise of this game is extremely simple, but it’s also extremely innovative: you find a phone and need to track down its owner.

I mean, in reality, you’ll just pass it to the police, but hey, it’s a game, so you need to be the hero.

So basically, the game started off with you “finding” a phone, and someone “messaging” you. That someone is IRIS, the phone’s “Intelligent Recognitive Iconolatry System” that realizes that its owner is in trouble. It’s like a Siri with intelligence.


Your task is to find clues in the phone to locate the owner, Sara. There’re many things you can do, like reading Sara’s messages with her friends.


And checking out its call log.


What’s even creepier is that you can scroll through her gallery, which too damn realistic.

Image: YouTube (Kubz Scouts)

Creepiness aside, there’re also some disturbing videos that you really shouldn’t watch if you have a faint heart, such as one of Sara sleeping next to someone.

Oh, halfway through the game, you’ll also receive a call. He’ll keep calling, and when you say something, he won’t be able to hear you.

And he’ll message you.

I won’t want to spoil the game for you, but here’s the thing: augmented reality game has just been taken to a whole new level with this.

Oh, just one even more interesting takeaway: this horror game that has gone viral, which has millions of downloads, is actually an indie game made by our close neighbour, a few developers from Malaysia.

Guess it could just mean one thing: Malaysia Boleh, and Malaysia is put on the world map…again.

Check out the game here, but here’s my advice: if you can’t handle horror movies, you can’t handle this.

Also, if you like scary stuff, you can watch this:

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