S’porean Killed a Cat Because…It Didn’t Play With Him

We have had news where people burnt down an entire restaurant just because he couldn’t get to eat what he wanted.

Now, there is another news where this guy killed a cat just because it didn’t play with him, and it happened in Singapore. What has the world become? 


Image: www.stomp.com.sg

Look at this poor cat. Look at it. How does it deserve to be in this plight? On 26 May last year, a man is reported to be seen slamming a cat onto the ground at the foot of Block 884 in Tampines Street 83.

The female shorthair cat was first thrown from the 10th-floor staircase landing. The man, established to be Fajar Ashraf Bin Fajar Ali, then found that it was still alive. He then slammed it on the ground twice to make sure that it died. Only after making sure that the cute feline was dead that he left. 

AVA was subsequently alerted to the incident. According to AVA, Ashraf had lured the cat into the lift of the Tampines HDB block before throwing it down the 10th floor. Results revealed that the cat had died due to an external traumatic incident, which supported investigation findings. 

The Man who hurled cat from the 10th floor 

Image: www.stomp.com.sg

After Ashraf was arrested by Police on 31 May 2016, he told the investigators that he was frustrated that the cat didn’t want to go near him, as he intended to play with it. Hence, it fueled his various acts that led to the death of this poor cat. 

The last I know, most stray cats run away at the sight of me.

According to The Straits Times, Ashraf’s lawyer Amarjit Singh Sidhu said his client was deeply remorseful for his actions and regretted mistreating the cat and causing its death. And… he was sentenced to 18 weeks jail for it. 

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