S’poreans Can Now Form Their Own Amateur Soccer Team With Funding From HPB

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Singaporeans used to be crazy about soccer.

Okay, correction. Singaporeans are still crazy about soccer. However, last time when policemen were still wearing shorts, we were crazy about local soccer. I mean, have you seen Fandi Ahmad scoring goals like a boss?

Now, we’re just crazy about the English Premier League and other overseas leagues.

I’ve even heard people joked that the Singapore Premier League (read: Premier = the best) is only number one because there are no other leagues here in Singapore.

Well, if you have a die-hard love for soccer and feel that you can do way better than what the FAS is doing right now, here’s your chance to do so.

Health Promotion Board’s Seed Funding For Fitness Interest Groups

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore exist for only one reason: to ensure that Singaporeans stay healthy and fit.

And they’ve been doing a great job so far.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Zumba workouts at shopping malls or joined the National Steps challenge which allows you to walk and get rewards.

But did you know that HPB also gives you money to start fitness groups?

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And soccer is classified as a team sport under HPB’s definition of a fitness group.

So if you and your buddies meet up for a game of soccer or three every Sunday since you were 15, you might want to see if you can start up your own amateur soccer team.

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Eligible Team Sports Groups Will Be Given Up To $5,000 Grant

In order to qualify for the grant, your proposed team must consist of a minimum of 20 members.

The team must also have 30 weekly sessions in a year with each session lasting at least 1 hour.

Attendance for every session must at least be 75% according to the number of members in the application form sent to HPB.

The grant can be used to buy team jerseys, refreshments, etc.

Team sports will be granted up to a maximum of $5,000 for the funding period.

Both the criteria (number of weekly sessions) and funding will be pro-rated according to the period of funding for the team.

So, for example, if you’re only getting funded for 6 months, your team will need to fulfil 15 weekly sessions and get funding up to $2,500.

The deadline of application for the funding will be on 17 Dec 2018.

But Here’s The Catch:

You don’t get the money during the funding period. You’ll only get it in the form of reimbursement.

So, for example, you get an approval letter from HPB about your team getting funded for an entire year.

You keep that letter and go about fulfilling all the funding criteria.

At the end of the funding period, you’ll need to submit the necessary documents and a fund disbursement form to HPB within two months after the end of your funding period.

Well, makes sense, since I bet there would be people who try to abuse this system.

And It’s Not Just Soccer

We’re talking about Fitness Interest Groups here so soccer is only one small part of it.

There are individual sports like running, brisk walking, cycling, badminton, etc.

Grant up to $2,000

Aerobics-based or strength training activities like Zumba, line dancing, HIIT, etc.

Grant up to $3,000

And other team sports like basketball, futsal, ultimate frisbee, etc.

Grant up to $5,000

You can read here for more information.

Time to get your own soccer team up and running liao. Who knows, if enough teams get started up enough, HPB might just fund an amateur league for non-professional soccer fans too.

And we might find another Ben Davis.

But seriously, this is a good thing. Please don’t try to cheat the system and destroy this initiative like what people did for the PIC. Please.

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