This is S’pore’s Wolverine & His Hair is Real

Are… are you Hugh Jackman’s long lost Chinese cousin? Or to be even more specific, Hugh Jackman’s long lost Singaporean cousin?

I mean, look at this guy!


That hair is his actual hair. Not a wig (if it were a wig, it’ll probably have been Hugh Jackman’s actual hair). He’s that obsessed with Wolverine.

His name is Mr. Rocky Go, and he’s a 45-year-old senior engineer. I think he missed an excellent chance to cosplay another movie character, with a name like that, but it’s his choice.

(I was talking about Rocky. Rocky Balboa)


Mr. Go fell in love with Wolverine after the 2000 film X-Men, but only joined the cosplaying scene in 2009, when he first appeared as Wolverine in the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention.

Since then, he has cosplayed several versions of the character, and owns seven sets of costumes and two sets of casual outfits that appeared in the films. In the eight years of his cosplaying history, he has spent about $4,000 on the costumes alone.

That’s not including the $1,500 he’s spent on Wolverine collectables like figurines, jackets, card, books, and apparently a lighter.

He’s had the hair for 10 years now. Imagine going to work looking like the goddamn Wolverine. See if your boss dares to scold you anymore.

Here are more pictures of him in costume, because damn if he doesn’t look exactly like an Asian Wolverine.


Actually, if you squint a little he kinda looks like a mix between Hugh Jackman and Donnie Yen. No? Maybe squint harder?

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