Starbucks Publicly Defends S’pore Strawberry Who Tried To Roast Them Online

Just yesterday, we wrote about this girl who went onto Facebook to complain about her treatment at Starbucks.

Here’s A Flashback In Case You Didn’t Read That Well-Written Article Yesterday (Why?! Oh Why?!)

She was so confident she even posted it as a review on Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like she expected.

She got burned real bad. Like bak kwa.


Netizens were not impressed with her actions.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

Okay, let me clarify one thing though.

The Starbucks experience is a very real thing.

The writer who wrote the previous article is a well-aged Singaporean gentleman who prefers drinking $1 kopi at the coffee shop to Starbucks so he might not have known about it.

When you get to a Starbucks outlet, you get polite, cheerful staff who makes you feel right at home.

They ask for your name and when your order is done, they’ll call you by name instead of a queue number.

And so far, I have not had any bad experience at Starbucks. #ImAStrawberryBTW

Anyway, back to this article.

So we wrote that Starbucks has responded privately to the girl because that’s what responsible businesses do. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public.

Well, even good guy Starbucks have a limit and they’ve responded publicly to the post.

But not for the reason you might have imagined.

Here’s what they wrote:

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

In case you can’t (or can’t be bothered to read it), they emphasised that they welcome all customers and wish to find the right balance between freeing up seats for everyone’s use and letting people linger to enjoy the Starbucks experience.

They apologised for causing her unhappiness. Then they got to the main point of their response.

Please be respectful when sharing your thoughts and comments. Please stop any more offensive personal attacks.

Yes, even to the girl who attempted to roast us online.


Respect, Starbucks Singapore.

And here’s a food for thought: From what I’ve heard, Starbucks Malaysia allegedly only gives you 2 hours free WIFI for every drink you purchase.

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