Students Did WWE in School Canteen & No One Smells What the Guy is Cooking

In a recent video recorded on a phone, two students from a currently unidentified school were seen sitting at what appears to be the school canteen, facing each other.

At the beginning of the short clip, the smaller-sized bespectacled student seemed to be taunting the larger kid.

Parents send you to school to study… but you practise WWE. Read the full story in the link:

Posted by Stomp on Wednesday, 19 April 2017

That was quite a bad idea, as he learnt the hard way immediately afterwards.

The larger kid slapped his hands away, and began raining punches repeatedly on the smaller kid’s head, to the point where his glasses flew off, and he fell off the bench and onto the floor.

Whereupon the larger kid proceeded to sit on his back and hold him in a headlock with his legs, yelling at him to “tap out”.

It seems this kid might have watched a little too much WWE.

Almost immediately afterwards, the smaller kid tapped out.

According to comments, the clip you just watched wasn’t the full clip. The full clip apparently captured the interactions between both parties, and reveals that the instigator was in fact the smaller kid.

Now, it is quite impossible to verify the veracity of this claim, short of interviewing the stars of the show, but it lends quite a bit of context to the clip.

Apparently, the smaller kid was rather infamous for verbally abusing his fellow students, and this larger kid was the one that snapped first. If this was true, it seems the smaller kid might have deserved it.

However, it is important to note that violence should not be the answer, regardless of how satisfying it might feel. After all, it was a larger kid beating on a smaller kid, no matter how you look at it.

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