Taxi Drivers Offered to “Jump Ship” to Grab With Rental Discounts of Up to $10K

Prepare your popcorn, guys.

Because Grab has just declared war against ComfortDelGro, and this is a showdown we don’t wanna miss.

So if you weren’t familiar with the saga, ComfortDelGro had announced talks with Uber on a potential collaboration. If it works out, it would be a huge boost for Uber, seeing how ComfortDelGro is Singapore’s largest traditional taxi operator.

Well, Grab didn’t take it very well, if you take a look at their recent actions. They have spared no expense in making sure that Uber never makes a comeback, by attacking Uber’s partners, ComfortDelGro.

It’s like attacking your rival’s best friend because you know it hurts him more than when you actually attack your rival.


Discounts, discounts and more discounts

Grab issued discount offers to tens of thousands of ComfortDelGro drivers via text message on Sunday night, and it turned a lot of heads.

Why? Because it was an offer that you would have to be the most ardent ComfortDelGro supporter to have refused.

Just look at this.

As long as ComfortDelGro drivers cross over to any of Grab’s five partner taxi operators – Trans-Cab, Prime Taxi, SMRT Taxis, Premier and HDT Singapore Taxi – they will get a daily discount of S$50 for six months of rental expenses.

That’s like 40 percent off the current rental rates ComfortDelGro drivers have to pay!

If they take on Grab’s private-hire car through GrabRentals, the discounts are even higher! A monthly discount of S$1,688 was promised, and this means S$60 off their daily rental bill.

And when because we’re such math whizzes, let’s do the math for you.

A six-month discount(1,688*6) equals $10,128. 

And Grab is sponsoring all the discounts. Wow, they are really pulling out all the stops here, huh?

Where do I sign up?

The limited time offer actually ends on 15 September, a week from now.

You can sign up either at Grab’s driver centre in Sin Ming or at a roadshow in Prime’s office on Loyang Drive.


With such crazy offers shoved into your face, it’s hard not to get tempted.

According to Ms Veronica Lim, deputy manager of Best Motor Leasing & Limousine Services (part of the Prime Group), about a fifth of the 50 or so ComfortDelGro drivers who turned up at the Loyang roadshow between 11 am and 1.30 pm on September 4 didn’t mind switching to driving or taking up a private-hire car.

And by the time news got out, more cabbies would surely have heard of it.

But of course, there are people that will still drive with ComfortDelGro, despite the rental offers.

When TODAY visited Grab’s driver centre, CityCab’s Mr Long Sah Hai said that he was satisfied with the current situation and wouldn’t switch.

Another driver who wanted to be known only as Mr Tan expressed that he was uncertain about the number of bookings should he make the switch.

He was concerned that driving for Grab might not actually procure as many bookings as when he’s driving for ComfortDelGro. Even if there were rental discounts, he might earn lesser if there were not enough bookings.


Honestly, this is a really clever marketing ploy by Grab. Draw them in on the surface and destroy the organization’s structure. Real savage and ingenious on your part, Grab.

But is it really better for ComfortDelGro drivers to jump ship?

Look beyond the facade. Grab has a lot of promotions, which means lower fares, which in turn, means lower earnings for drivers.

And seeing how Grab has such a massive fleet, competing for bookings might be a possibility. You might actually receive lesser bookings as compared to ComfortDelGro.

Sure, there are the huge rental offers, and it will be great in the short term.

But what about in the long run?

Just things to think about.

What about you? What do you think?

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